Integralift Bed Hoist

The Integralift bed hoist introduces unparalleled innovation, offering a distinctive feature of complete foldability into a discreet cupboard, minimizing visual impact. With various finishes and customizable options, it seamlessly integrates into diverse settings, from private homes to hospices. This mobility hoist reduces strain on carers, providing efficient lift and transfer solutions.

The tasteful design, available in different cabinet colours and styles, ensures a welcoming and unobtrusive presence. Ideal for those with limited mobility, the Integralift transforms spaces, offering a tailored and inclusive approach to patient handling while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic in any environment.

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Integralift Bed Hoist
Integralift Bed Hoist

Prioritizes User Comfort and Caregiver Ease

The Integralift bed hoist system prioritizes user comfort and caregiver ease. With a robust design, it effortlessly lifts and transfers individuals, minimizing strain on caregivers. The mobile patient hoist is equipped with reliable technology, ensuring safe and secure movement while promoting independence for those with limited mobility.

Impressive Working Load Capacity

Designed to bear heavy loads, the Integralift boasts an impressive working load capacity, providing a versatile solution for various care scenarios. This bed hoist system is engineered to deliver consistent performance, offering reliable assistance in lift and transfer operations, making it an invaluable asset for both users and caregivers alike.

Integralift Bed Hoist

Telephone Consultation or Video Call

Initiate the process with a Telephone Consultation or Video Call. Our experts engage in a detailed discussion, understanding your requirements and assessing the optimal Ceiling Hoist System solution for your specific needs. This personalized consultation sets the foundation for a tailored and efficient patient handling solution.

On Site Visit & Requirement Assessment

Proceed to an On-Site Visit & Requirement Assessment. Our skilled team conducts a thorough evaluation of your space, considering factors like layout, structural considerations, and specific patient handling needs. This hands-on assessment ensures precise recommendations and paves the way for a seamless Ceiling Hoist System installation.

Quotation & Design

Receive Your Quotation & Design Proposal. After the assessment, we provide a detailed quotation and personalized design proposal. This includes the recommended Ceiling Hoist System specifications tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring transparency and clarity in the planning process.

Installation, Demonstration & Training

Professional Installation, Demonstration & Training. Our skilled technicians execute the precise installation of your chosen Ceiling Hoist System. Following installation, we conduct thorough demonstrations and hands-on training, ensuring your team is proficient in safe and effective system operation, promoting confidence and independence in patient handling.

Servicing & Maintenance

Ongoing Service & Maintenance. Our commitment extends beyond installation. Benefit from our comprehensive service and maintenance plans, including regular checks, LOLER testing, and prompt support. Ensure your Ceiling Hoist System operates at its best, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient solution for your patient handling needs.

Seamless, Fold-Away Design

Minimizes Strain, Supports Limited Mobility

Customized Options, Easy Lift and Transfer

" A bed hoist, exemplified by our Integralift system, redefines mobility assistance with its innovative features. This cutting-edge hoist seamlessly folds away into a discreet cupboard, minimizing visual impact and integrating effortlessly into diverse settings. Designed to prioritize user comfort and caregiver ease, it offers efficient lift and transfer solutions, reducing strain on caregivers while ensuring safe and secure movement for individuals with limited mobility. With customizable options and various finishes, the Integralift bed hoist system blends tasteful design with robust functionality. Its impressive working load capacity and reliable technology make it a versatile solution for various care scenarios, providing consistent performance and reliable assistance in lift and transfer operations. This bed hoist system is engineered to promote independence and enhance the overall care experience for users and caregivers alike."

Yes, one person can operate a bed hoist, such as our Integralift system. Designed with user-friendly features and intuitive controls, the Integralift enables single-person operation for lift and transfer tasks. Its innovative design and reliable technology ensure safe and efficient movement, minimizing the need for additional assistance and enhancing the overall caregiving experience.

Hoisting a patient involves careful consideration, especially when devising a comprehensive care plan. Evaluating the patient's fitness level, medical condition, and cognitive state is crucial before initiating any moving and handling procedures. For instance, individuals with fragile skin or pressure sores may risk exacerbating their condition during hoisting, necessitating alternative transfer methods to prevent further injuries. Similarly, patients experiencing distress or confusion during hoisting may find the process unsettling, warranting a reevaluation of the approach's suitability. Additionally, assessing the patient's weight against the hoist system's capacity is essential, particularly for bariatric patients, to ensure safe and effective lifting procedures. Always prioritize the patient's comfort and well-being, and verify their readiness for hoisting before proceeding with the procedure. To delve deeper into the considerations involved in determining the need for hoisting a patient, explore our comprehensive guide on "How to tell if someone needs hoisting" on our blog. This informative resource offers valuable insights into assessing a patient's mobility and dependency levels, facilitating informed decision-making regarding the appropriate use of hoisting equipment. Access the blog to enhance your understanding of patient care and safety protocols in healthcare settings.

Bed hoists offer numerous advantages in healthcare environments. Firstly, they facilitate safe and efficient transfers of patients, reducing the risk of injuries to both caregivers and individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, bed hoists promote patient comfort and dignity by providing smooth and seamless movement between different surfaces, such as beds and wheelchairs. Moreover, these hoisting systems contribute to improved caregiver ergonomics, minimizing strain and fatigue associated with manual lifting. For a real-life example of the benefits of bed hoists, check out our case study on Dr Kershaw's Hospice, where six Integralifts were installed to enhance patient care and staff efficiency.

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