Changing Places Toilets

Welcome to our comprehensive Changing Places hub, where inclusivity is at the forefront. Our commitment to accessibility extends to various offerings, addressing the diverse needs of individuals with complex care requirements.

Explore the versatility of our facilities, ranging from Internal Changing Places seamlessly integrated into existing structures, Modular Changing Places for adaptable and relocatable solutions, to the innovative Changing Places Configurator allowing you to design a bespoke facility online. Discover a new standard of accessibility and care, ensuring everyone has the freedom to enjoy public spaces with dignity and comfort.

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Changing Places Toilets
Modular Changing Places Toilets at Whiteley Shopping Centre

Modular Changing Places

Not every building or venue has the ability to fit a Changing Place into their existing structure – that’s why we offer the option for a modular Changing Places facility! Modular Changing Places are pre-fabricated units that can be situated wherever needed to provide accessible toilet facilities for disabled users.

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Internal Changing Places

Internal Changing Places

Having supported the Changing Places campaign for over a decade, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you install a compliant Changing Places toilet within your existing venue. Whether you need to install a facility inside a shopping centre, football stadium, or a cinema, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specifications and budget.

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Changing Places configurator

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The Innova Changing Places brochures gives an overview of what Changing Places are and why they are needed in public domains, it also includes business cases, Changing Places requirements and detailed information as to Changing Place products.

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Quite simply, they are accessible toilets that are designed to meet the needs of children and adults with complex care disabilities. Larger in size than a standard disabled toilet, they include specialist healthcare equipment to enable individuals to use a toilet comfortably and safely, as well as giving space for carer support. For more in depth knowledge, read our blog "What Is A Changing Places Toilet?"

Changing Places are being installed in various locations and facilities all over the UK. Buildings with a Changing Place give disabled people a dignified, well-equipped place where they can use the bathroom and carry out any necessary hygiene procedures. For more in depth knowledge, read our blog What sort of buildings need Changing Places?

Some common places that are being encouraged to have a changing places facility include,

The Changing Places campaign states that there are approximately 250,000 people across the UK who would benefit from a Changing Place. These include individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities, those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, motor neurone disease, older people or those who have acquired a brain injury. These are the people who need better-equipped public toilets, and if there are no Changing Places, then their needs aren’t being met. For a more in depth explanation, see our blog Why are Changing Places important?

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