Hydrotherapy Pools

Plunge into the rejuvenating world of hydrotherapy with our cutting-edge Hydrotherapy Pools. Crafted specifically for aquatic therapy, these hydro pools provide therapeutic warmth, enabling customized exercises and immersive rehabilitation journeys. Immerse yourself in the advantages of aquatic therapy, blending the calming attributes of warm water with tailored activities for holistic rehabilitation.

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Hydrotherapy Pools
Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Pools

Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Pools

  • Bespoke design flexibility tailored to specific user and environment needs.
  • Superior durability and longer lifespan ensure extended usage without compromise.
  • Luxury appearance with high-quality finish and seamless welds for aesthetics.

  • Hydrospace

    Hydrospace Hydro Pools

  • Quick Installation, Hassle-Free Hydrotherapy Experience
  • Elegant Design, Customizable Features for Personalized Retreat
  • Health-Focused with Easy Cleaning, Environmentally Friendly Design

  • Overflow hydrotherapy pool

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    Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is the use of water to revitalise, maintain and restore health. It’s part of alternative medicine, occupational therapy and physiotherapy that involves the use of water for pain relief and treatment. It involves specialist exercise which takes place in warm water promoting relaxation, pain relief and the water can be used to exercise in, as it reduces the strain on joints of weight bearing.

    The main feature of Hydrotherapy Pools is the temperature. A standard swimming pool is around 20 – 25°, whereas a hydrotherapy swimming pool or Hydro Pool is typically between 33 – 36°. This means there are extra considerations for the plant room and filtration system need to be considered.

    During hydrotherapy sessions warm water makes your body and muscles relax, helping to heal injuries and promote bodily functions like circulation, respiration, and even pain relief. This is why many people who have suffered spinal injuries or have severe learning and physical disabilities are moving towards having therapy pools in their homes, rehabilitation centres and schools.

    There is a growing evidence base which suggests that heat stimulatory receptors are in the same place as nociceptive impulses (these are nerve cells that cause pain when stimulated). By introducing heat, it will essentially numb or override the sensation of pain, making it easier for the person to move and exercise uninhibited.

    To help case managers, occupational therapists and witness report writers put forward a case to have a hydrotherapy pool installed for their clients, we have put together a hydrotherapy justification report. Click on the tab below to learn more about what hydrotherapy involves and how it has been used in previous medical negligence cases.

    One of the decisions you need to make quite early on in your hydrotherapy pool planning is whether you want an overflow (deck level) or skimmer (freeboard) hydrotherapy pool.  The decision between an overflow and skimmer pool is fundamentally a filtration decision.

    However, it will make a difference to how your hydrotherapy pool looks and it will be important to know in the early stages in order to inform the designs and pricing.

    See our guide on  Should my hydrotherapy pool be above or below ground?

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    Stay up to date on the latest news in the world of Hydrotherapy. We are experts in Hydrotherapy Pool Design, Install and Maintenance.

    How to find your nearest hydrotherapy pool

    Finding your nearest hydrotherapy pool is a problem many families and care professionals face across the UK.

    Closures of public facilities and rising costs have contributed to a growing inaccessibility, whilst a lack of information about available pools makes the process even harder.

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    What is the hydro pool installation process?

    What does a hydro pool installation look like?

    From detoxification to relaxation, the benefits of hydrotherapy pools are endless, becoming increasingly popular in new build hospitals, rehabilitation centres and individual's homes.

    Hydro Pool Installation

    What is a hydrotherapy pool?

    Unlike a swimming pool, hydrotherapy pools are kept at a temperature of around 33C to 36C. This is to aid hydrotherapy treatment, where special exercises in warm water focus on slow, controlled movement and relaxation. A typical swimming pool is heated to around 20C – 25C, whereas a hydrotherapy pool is a lot warmer, requiring extra considerations to be taken for the plant room and filtration system.

    Hydro Pool Stainless Steel

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