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Discover our comprehensive range of high-quality furniture, meticulously designed for care environments including care homes, hospices and other healthcare facilities. Our ergonomic and durable furniture solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of residents, providing comfort, safety, and functionality.

From cozy rise and recline chairs to practical bedside tables, our furniture creates a homely and welcoming atmosphere while ensuring the utmost in quality and durability. With a focus on comfort and functionality, let us help you find the right furniture solution for your care environment.

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Care Home Furniture
Profiling Beds

Profiling Beds

Introducing our Profiling Beds - a pinnacle of healthcare technology and patient-centric design. These adjustable beds, including the Formidabel series—First, Pro, UltraLow, and Eco—offer cutting-edge solutions for enhanced patient comfort and caregiving.

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Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables

Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables

Discover the perfect companions for enhanced independence in our range of bedside cabinets and overbed tables. Designed to seamlessly complement our care beds, these furnishings are more than storage solutions – they are contributors to a heightened sense of control and well-being.

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Rise & Recline Chairs

Rise & Recline Chairs

Discover the total comfort and support of Arene Riser Recliner Chairs. Tailored to individual needs, each electric riser Arene chair is meticulously crafted with various backrest options, pressure relief features, and customisable color schemes.

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When it comes to designing and furnishing care homes, making good use of space is essential.

Bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas often require specialist equipment to support resident care. But it’s also important to create environments where residents can feel comfortable and relax. There’s lots to fit in without making the room feel cluttered and crowded!

Choosing furniture can be especially tricky if you’re short on space, but it doesn’t have to be. By following some simple design tips, you can find the right furniture to maximise space in a creative and stylish way. Here’s our guide to space-saving furniture for care homes.

Space-saving furniture for care homes

Care equipment and furniture come into direct contact with residents and staff. So, anything to reduce risk with chairs/beds that can potentially spread viruses is a big advantage.

Here are a few points to look out for:
  • Are there any rips or tears in upholstery?
  • Is there any Velcro that could come into direct contact with the skin?
  • Is furniture easy to wipe down and clean regularly?
  • Are you using infection-control friendly materials?

    Outstanding Care Home Design: Tips for CQC Inspections
  • A big question when you’re designing for a healthcare facility is how you balance attractive design with clinical requirements and regulations.

    Our experienced interior designers have handled everything from creating mood boards and choosing colour schemes and flooring, to specifying medical equipment and furniture for refurbishments and new builds. So, we really have seen it all when it comes to designing for care environments!

    Here are the top healthcare interior design tips we use to properly balance clinical requirements and style:
  • Use bold or contrasting colours
  • Make clever use of storage
  • Always prioritise infection control

    You can read more in our blog Healthcare Interior Design Tips: Balancing clinical requirements & style
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