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Elevate patient care with our comprehensive range of hygiene equipment, including assisted bathing solutions, shower trolleys, shower chairs, and hygiene room essentials. Our patient-centric approach ensures dignified and accessible bathing experiences, with a focus on infection control measures. Explore innovative bathroom mobility aids and healthcare furniture designed to enhance patient hygiene while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

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Hygiene Equipment
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Patients' hygiene needs encompass personal care requirements to maintain cleanliness and health. These include bathing, oral care, hair care, skincare, and toileting assistance, tailored to individual abilities and medical conditions. Regular hygiene practices prevent infections and promote overall well-being.

A hygiene care plan is a structured document outlining personalized strategies to maintain cleanliness and health for individuals. In healthcare settings, it details specific hygiene tasks, frequency, and methods tailored to a person's abilities, preferences, and medical conditions. These plans ensure consistent and appropriate hygiene practices, promoting well-being and preventing infections.

A hygiene aid refers to tools, equipment, or products designed to assist individuals in maintaining personal cleanliness and health. These aids can include items such as adaptive devices for bathing, grooming tools, incontinence products, and specialised hygiene equipment. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with physical limitations, disabilities, or medical conditions that may affect their ability to perform routine hygiene tasks independently.

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