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Yes, if you meet the criteria, you can receive a free hospital bed in the UK through the NHS, social services, or your local council. Obtaining this bed involves an assessment or a decision from your GP, a process that may take some time.

Your GP can make a decision based on medical grounds, or alternatively, an occupational therapist can conduct an assessment in the comfort of your home. This assessment is a crucial step in determining your eligibility for a hospital bed provided by the NHS.

Absolutely, a hospital bed requires a special mattress. They are specifically crafted to accommodate the various positions the bed can take. These mattresses are crucial for ensuring proper support and comfort, especially given the adjustable nature of the beds.

Hospital mattresses play a key role in redistributing pressure, which is essential in minimizing the risk of pressure sores and other health issues associated with prolonged bed rest. Their design not only caters to the comfort of the user but also provides a firm foundation, allowing individuals to relax in a horizontal position and effortlessly sit up on the side of the bed. In essence, a special hospital mattress is integral to the overall functionality and well-being of individuals utilizing medical beds.

ICU beds are used on intensive care units (ICUs), also known as critical care units (CCUs) or intensive therapy units (ITUs). These specialist units provide treatment and care for people who are seriously ill.

Each patient has one or two dedicated nurses and is under constant monitoring. Additional equipment, like ventilators or feeding tubes, are often used to support high-dependency care needs.

This specialist equipment is uncommon on other hospital wards. But beds are needed all throughout hospitals. So, how do ICU beds differ from standard hospital beds used on wards? This article looks at the features and specifications of ICU beds and compares them to other hospital beds.

For more in depth knowledge, read our blog Are ICU beds different from other hospital beds? Specifications & Features

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