Bed Washing System

Elevate hospital hygiene standards and combat healthcare-associated infections with the cutting-edge Innova Bed Washing System. Traditional hand cleaning reduces bacteria by a mere 35%, while our automated system, in collaboration with Weber Hospital Systems, achieves a remarkable 99% reduction. This revolutionary approach not only enhances patient safety but also saves lives and resources. Witness the system in action at Herlev Hospital in our video. Beyond efficiency, the Bed Washing System prioritizes sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions by 35% and promoting eco-friendly practices. Embrace a new era of bed hygiene, ensuring safety, savings, and environmental responsibility.

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Bed Washing System
Bed Washing System

Ground-breaking Approach

The Innova Bed Washing System, a result of collaboration with Weber Hospital Systems, stands out for its groundbreaking approach. Unlike chemical-dependent systems, ours utilizes precision robots and high-temperature steam for unparalleled thermal disinfection. Achieve cleanliness and patient-ready beds in just 6 minutes, without manual intervention. Experience a cost-effective, sustainable, and bacteria-resistant solution for healthcare facilities.

Huge Savings

Unveil substantial savings with the Bed Washing System – reducing the cost per bed cleaning to £5.78 and monthly expenses to £23.87. Over a year, this totals to £171,897 for 600 beds, presenting potential savings of £616,000 over a decade. Embrace sustainability with 35% lower CO2 emissions, chemical-free operation, and automated maintenance reminders for prolonged equipment lifespan.

Bed Washing System


Recognize the critical role of beds in bacterial transmission.


Grasp the limitations of manual cleaning, only achieving a 35% reduction.


Discover the innovative Bed Washing System, boasting a 99% bacteria reduction.


Embrace the system's efficiency, saving lives and millions in healthcare costs.


Emphasize the eco-friendly features, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting responsible hospital practices.

Exceptional Bacteria Reduction: 99% reduction for superior patient safety.

Cost-Efficient Operation: Significant savings, reaching up to £616,000 over 10 years.

Eco-Friendly Technology: 35% lower CO2 emissions, chemical-free operation.

Proven to achieve a remarkable 99% reduction in bacteria.

Utilizes precision robots and high-temperature steam, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals.

Yes, it's the only system on the market capable of cleaning IPX4 (non-washable) beds.

Up to £616,000 over 10 years for a 600-bed hospital.


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