Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables

Discover the perfect companions for enhanced independence in our range of bedside cabinets and overbed tables. Designed to seamlessly complement our care beds, these furnishings are more than storage solutions – they are contributors to a heightened sense of control and well-being. Personalize your space with accessible drawers, compartments, and overbed tabletops that offer additional surfaces for various activities. Explore the easy route to independence through functional and thoughtfully designed bedside tables and overbed tables.

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Bedside Cabinets & Overbed Tables

Versatile Options

Our range includes versatile options such as Bedside table FMN 204, Bedside table FMN 206, and Bedside table FMN 220, each meticulously crafted to meet diverse needs. Optional features like the rounded overbed table with an aluminium tilt fitting at the front add extra functionality, enhancing the overall utility of these essential furniture pieces.

Designed to Harmonize with our Care Beds

Choose from an array of bedside tables, including Bedside table FMN 210 and Bedside table FMN 215, designed to harmonize with our care beds. Our Server FMN 260 offers optional versatility with a rounded overbed table, providing a convenient surface for various activities while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.


Browse our diverse collection of bedside cabinets and overbed tables.


Choose the perfect model that aligns with your care bed and personal preferences.


Explore optional features like rounded overbed tables for added functionality.


Experience the ease of use and practicality of our bedside furnishings.


Elevate your sense of independence with thoughtfully designed storage solutions.

Enhanced Independence: Personalized storage fosters a sense of control and independence.

Versatile Design: Meticulously crafted bedside tables complement various care bed models.

Optional Features: Choose rounded overbed tables for added functionality and convenience.

The Interlude V3 bed is user-friendly, featuring an electrically powered system for effortless adjustments. The controls are intuitive, allowing both patients and caregivers to make necessary changes with ease. The bed's compass elevation system, powered by linear actuators with IP66 protection, ensures stability and reliable performance.

Absolutely. The Interlude V3 bed incorporates a double regression system, effectively reducing pressure in the pelvic area. This thoughtful design significantly lowers the risk of pressure ulcers, promoting patient comfort and well-being.

Yes, the Interlude V3 bed is designed for convenient maintenance. The headboard and footboard are easily removable using a simple blockage system, requiring only one hand. The high-pressure laminate (HPL) bed base, divided into four sections, is also easily removable and washable, ensuring a hygienic and clean environment.

Certainly. The Interlude V3 bed prioritizes safety with multiple features. It is equipped with four safety bumpers on each corner, ensuring protection against accidental bumps or collisions. The centralized braking system, located in the footboard area, provides secure immobilization. Additionally, the bed features polypropylene side rails with a grip zone and a folding system facilitated by gas springs, allowing patients to sit up and exit the bed safely.

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