Shower Chairs TR 1000

The TR 1000 Shower Chair is a dynamic assistive device designed to optimize caregiving and enhance patient comfort. With a robust working load limit of 200 kg (440 lbs), it ensures secure transfers and smooth mobility for elderly and disabled individuals. This multipurpose chair serves as both a shower and hygiene chair, accommodating a wide range of users, including bariatric patients.
Featuring forward tilt (up to 7 degrees) for easy transfers, recline for resident comfort, and adjustable headrest for added support, the TR 1000 prioritizes safety and ergonomics. Its clean design, wide seat, and easy-to-use hand control make it a reliable choice for efficient caregiving.

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TR1000 Shower Chair

Equipped With Advanced Features

The TR 1000 Shower Chair comes equipped with advanced features for optimal functionality. Boasting a forward tilt mechanism (up to 7 degrees), recline position (up to 25 degrees), and an adjustable headrest, this chair ensures ease of use for both caregivers and residents. The wide seat accommodates bariatric patients, enhancing overall comfort and support.

Intuitive Hand Control

With an intuitive hand control, the TR 1000 allows convenient height adjustment and tilt from any position around the chair. The integrated legrest promotes residents' comfort, and the four twin castors, complete with a locking mechanism, ensure easy movement, stability, and safety. This shower chair is designed for efficiency and user well-being.

TR1000 Shower Chair

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Certainly! The TR1000 boasts a wide seat design specifically catering to the needs of bariatric patients, ensuring their comfort and support during use.

The forward tilt functionality is a game-changer, facilitating smoother transfers from wheelchairs and standing aids. This dynamic feature enhances overall security for both residents and caregivers, streamlining the transfer process.

Absolutely! The TR1000 offers customization options, including the ability to choose armrest colours. Personalize your chair by selecting from a range of colours to match your preferences and the surrounding environment.

The four twin castors on the TR1000 are thoughtfully designed with a locking mechanism. This ensures not only easy movement and transportation but also stability and safety during use.

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