Hydrospace Hydrotherapy Pools

Escape into your private hydrotherapy sanctuary with HydroSpace, our innovative modular hydrotherapy pool building. As one of the UK’s top hydrotherapy pool suppliers, we understand your therapeutic needs. Experience aquatic physiotherapy benefits without the hassle of major home conversions. Our expert team manages everything from planning permission to construction, ensuring a stress-free process.

Enjoy a mess-free installation and customize your HydroSpace with luxurious features. Benefit from stainless steel pool hygiene, lower running costs, and eco-friendly solutions. Invest in your health and well-being with HydroSpace - your retreat to warmth, comfort, and therapeutic relief.

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Hydrospace Hydrotherapy Pool

The Modular Hydrotherapy Pool

HydroSpace, our modular hydrotherapy pool, boasts a self-supporting stainless steel structure for durability. The luxurious PVC liner option adds aesthetic flexibility. Customizable features include jets, lights, and music. The efficient pump ensures lower running costs, while the recyclable stainless-steel materials align with eco-friendly practices, prioritizing your well-being.

Minimal Disruption

Our HydroSpace not only minimizes disruption during installation but also maximizes enjoyment. Say goodbye to the mess associated with traditional pool constructions. With a focus on aesthetics, our HydroSpace offers a range of exterior finishes, ensuring your hydrotherapy retreat blends seamlessly with your home.


Hydrotherapy Assessment

Initiate a comprehensive discussion to understand your hydrotherapy pool requirements.

Custom Design Proposal

Tailor a hydrotherapy pool design proposal based on your specific needs and preferences.

Confirmation and Ordering

Finalize your order, ensuring it aligns with your hydrotherapy pool specifications and desired features.

Efficient Delivery and Setup

Experience a smooth delivery process and seamless installation of your customized hydrotherapy pool

Training and Ongoing Support

Receive thorough training and continuous support to ensure optimal utilization and satisfaction with your hydrotherapy pool

Quick Installation, Hassle-Free Hydrotherapy Experience

Elegant Design, Customizable Features for Personalized Retreat

Health-Focused with Easy Cleaning, Environmentally Friendly Design

Our efficient team manages planning, construction, and installation, ensuring a swift process. Contact us for personalized advice.

Absolutely! HydroSpace offers a flexible solution, ideal for those with limited internal space or planning constraints.

Yes, personalize your retreat with features like jets, lights, music, and more. Choose from a range of exterior finishes.

HydroSpace incorporates energy-efficient systems, retaining heat and reducing energy costs. It also promotes recyclability.

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