Ceiling Hoist Systems

In the realm of patient handling, our Ceiling Hoist Systems stand at the forefront, providing secure and swift transfers within care environments. The AirRise and Airglide360 ceiling lift systems, meticulously designed and installed by our experts, redefine the standards of patient handling.

The Airglide360 track system, seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, ensures a non-clinical aesthetic, enhances infection control measures, and offers versatility for comprehensive room coverage. Our wall-mounted hoist systems present a quicker installation alternative, ideal for high ceilings or limited floor space. Paired with the AirRise hoist units, featuring quiet, smooth-rolling twin trolleys and soft-start/stop technology, we revolutionize patient handling for a safer and more comfortable care environment.

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Ceiling Hoist Systems
Ceiling Hoist Systems

Effortless Patient Transfers

Effortless patient transfers are at your fingertips with our advanced Ceiling Track Hoist Systems. The AirRise Hoist Units, available in diverse models, guarantee quiet and comfortable operation through innovative features like soft-start technology. Prioritize infection control and maintain a non-clinical aesthetic with our seamless Airglide360 tracking system integrated into the ceiling.

Multiple Options

Choose from different types of hoists, including ceiling-mounted options, to meet your specific moving and handling needs. Our overhead ceiling track solutions offer versatile configurations, ensuring safe and efficient patient handling. Explore the powered traverse and mobile hoist options for added convenience and flexibility in diverse care settings.

Ceiling Hoist Systems

Telephone Consultation or Video Call

Initiate the process with a Telephone Consultation or Video Call. Our experts engage in a detailed discussion, understanding your requirements and assessing the optimal Ceiling Hoist System solution for your specific needs. This personalized consultation sets the foundation for a tailored and efficient patient handling solution.

On Site Visit & Requirement Assessment

Proceed to an On-Site Visit & Requirement Assessment. Our skilled team conducts a thorough evaluation of your space, considering factors like layout, structural considerations, and specific patient handling needs. This hands-on assessment ensures precise recommendations and paves the way for a seamless Ceiling Hoist System installation.

Quotation & Design

Receive Your Quotation & Design Proposal. After the assessment, we provide a detailed quotation and personalized design proposal. This includes the recommended Ceiling Hoist System specifications tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring transparency and clarity in the planning process.

Installation, Demonstration & Training

Professional Installation, Demonstration & Training. Our skilled technicians execute the precise installation of your chosen Ceiling Hoist System. Following installation, we conduct thorough demonstrations and hands-on training, ensuring your team is proficient in safe and effective system operation, promoting confidence and independence in patient handling.

Servicing & Maintenance

Ongoing Service & Maintenance. Our commitment extends beyond installation. Benefit from our comprehensive service and maintenance plans, including regular checks, LOLER testing, and prompt support. Ensure your Ceiling Hoist System operates at its best, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient solution for your patient handling needs.

Effortless transfers for smooth patient handling.

Versatile layouts enhance adaptability in care environments.

Innovative solutions ensure optimal safety and dignity.

"A ceiling track hoist is an overhead hoisting system – the track can either be hung from the ceiling itself, hung from wall to wall, or inset to the ceiling itself for a neater, tidier looking system. Ceiling track refers to the tracking that the hoist unit moves along. Ceiling track hoists are just one facet of the world of hoisting. This phrase gets thrown around a lot by healthcare professionals and architects, so it’s definitely worth knowing and understanding. Check out our blog on What is a ceiling track hoist? How is it installed?"

A ceiling hoist is a piece of healthcare equipment designed to support the transfer of individuals with physical disabilities from one place to another. It reduces the risk of injuries during manual lifting and handling, ensuring safe transfers for both users and carers. For more detailed information, visit our blog "What is a hoist".

"It is possible for one person to use a ceiling hoist thanks to single-user hoist systems. Thanks to innovative equipment and hoist track components, you can move patients around by yourself and give them your full attention without having to worry about manual tasks. Read our blog Can One Person use a patient lifting hoist?"


The Specifiers Guide To Overhead Hoist Systems

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