Dr Kershaw’s Hospice


Dr Kershaws Hospice Refurbishment


Dr Kershaw’s Hospice is an independent hospice that provides specialist palliative care for adults with non-curable, life-limiting illnesses in a peaceful and homely setting. They wanted to build a new In-Patient Unit that would help them provide compassionate and dignified care in a modern environment, and contacted us for our expertise in interior design.

From sourcing specialist Arene Rise and Recline Chairs to fitting made-to-measure curtains and blinds, our team made sure all the furniture colours and schemes flowed throughout. A bespoke nurses station was also built, enabling staff to create and deliver individualised care plans for patients. These changes not only enhance the quality of care provided, but also create a calm and relaxing area for both patients and their families.

The Challenge

The previous In-Patient Unit at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice was hindered by a lack of space and outdated equipment, putting staff at a disadvantage to provide the best possible care.

To resolve these issues, they required a brand new IPU to be built, featuring a new family patient lounge and ten private en-suite bedrooms.

Our focus was to deliver an interior that would provide a calm and contemporary feel, whilst also meeting a variety of care needs.

One of the Hospice’s key goals was to ensure their patient’s bedrooms had the right mix of accessible equipment, such as a bed hoist, and furniture that would easily blend into a homely environment.

There also required a lounge area where patients could spend time with their families in a comfortable space, establishing a ‘home from home’ so they could sit and have meals together.

Innova’s Solution

By using our own interior designer, we were able to combine aesthetics and functionality to meet the needs of Dr Kershaw’s Hospice. From coordinating colour schemes to sourcing lounge and dining chairs, we took care of every design detail to deliver a modern and comfortable care environment.

  • 6 No. Integralift Bed Hoists to help improve patient accessibility and save caregivers’ time during transfers.
  • 12 No. Arene Rise and Recline chairs to provide excellent pressure relief whilst maintaining a stylish atheistic.
  • Bespoke nurses station to enable staff to focus on creating and delivering care plans for each and every patient.
  • Over 90 pieces of loose furniture to provide a contemporary and relaxed environment for patients and their families.
  • Made-to-measure blinds and curtains installed throughout with considerations for natural light and accessibility to maximise comfort.

Client Quote

“It gives me great pleasure to share with you our new inpatient facility. We all love the design, furniture and the colour scheme is amazing.  On behalf of everyone at the Hospice, thank you.”

Innova Quote

“This project highlights the importance and benefits of interior design.  Through using an interior designer all the colour schemes match and flow and there is calming feel to the environment.  Innova is able to meet our clients needs in the nature of the quality and bespoke design of our equipment.”

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