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Hoist Sling Range

Choosing the right hoist sling makes all the difference when it comes to hoisting a patient both safely and comfortably. Which is precisely why we created the AirSling range – so you can rest assured that the patient lifting hoist sling you’re using will work perfectly with your hoist system.

Our AirSling range come in standard sizes and are made to keep the patient as comfortable as possible during any transfer. Choose between lifting and positioning slings to make providing quality care as simple as possible.

Every AirSling in our range uses loop fixings so caregivers can alter the positioning of the sling to suit the patient perfectly.

AirSling Hoist Sling Range

AirSling Universal Hoist Sling

This Universal Hoist sling is designed to provide excellent support to all areas of the body during hoisting. With specially shaped leg sections and built-in padded head support, the patient can stay comfortable throughout any transfer.

The AirSling Universal is ideal for active users with good trunk strength. This sling is a good choice when you’re transferring patients to and from a seated or supine position.

AirSling Hygiene Hoist Sling

The AirSling Hygiene is a great choice for dressing and toileting. This sling has padded rolls on the back and underarm section to keep the patient as comfortable as possible.

This Hygiene sling is also fitted with a waist belt to provide extra support when being hoisted. The AirSling Hygiene should only be used with patients who have good body tone and don’t require head support.

AirSling Hoist Sling Range
Hoist Limb Lifter

AirSling Limb Lifter

The Limb Lifter is a compact sling that can be used – as the name suggests – for lifting the patient’s limbs. This means that the carer is at little risk of any unnecessary injuries or strains that may be caused by manually lifting the arm or leg.

The AirSling Limb Lifter is ideal if you need to re-dress wounds or hygiene tasks. Use the built-in mitt to slide the Limb Lifter beneath the patient’s leg with ease and dignity.

AirSling Twin Turner

The AirSling Twin Turner is a repositioning hoist sling that can be used to roll patients over in bed. This will help to relieve any physical strain caused by manual moving and handling techniques.

One end is fitted with a helpful Velcro strap so you can secure the sling in place for transfers. Even better, you can roll the patient side-to-side without having to move the Twin Turner sling from under them.

AirSling Hoist Sling Range
AirSling Hoist Sling Range

AirSling Bariatric

Our bariatric patient lifting hoist sling has been designed specifically to reposition plus-sized patients in a supine position. The AirSling Bariatric supports the patient’s entire body so you can provide the best care possible.

The Bariatric sling can also be used for rolling and repositioning when you need to carry out hygiene procedures.

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