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HydroSpace: Innovation in Hydrotherapy at Home

Helping improve your access to hydrotherapy at home!

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and rising energy costs, there has been a rise in closures of hydrotherapy pool facilities in the UK that are open to the public, making Hydrotherapy at home a more convenient option.

A report from ukactive highlighted that energy bills for pools have increased by 150% compared to last year, causing hundreds of leisure centres, gyms and hospitals to either reduce or close their hydrotherapy facilities.

As a result, there is a growing demand for more efficient solutions for people to enjoy hydrotherapy at home, with people becoming less willing to share public spaces, as well as struggling to access local facilities.

Our latest blog looks at how HydroSpace, a portable and efficient hydrotherapy suite, can provide a perfect solution to meet the rising need for aquatic therapy at home.

Hydrotherapy Garden Room
Hydrotherapy Pool in a Hydrospace Pod

Loss of Public Hydrotherapy Facilities

The global energy crisis has had a huge impact on access to public hydrotherapy pools.

Whereas a normal swimming pool is usually no hotter than 28°C, hydrotherapy pools have been hit with a significant hike in running costs as they have a water temperature that is typically around 33 — 36°C.

Therefore it is no surprise to see the figures gathered by not-for-profit body, ukactive, who predict that operators with swimming pools and hydrotherapy pools expect to see bills increase by up to 150%.

With those sorts of predictions, their survey suggests that nine-in-ten public pool operators plan to reduce or even close their hydrotherapy services this year due to rising energy costs.

Boston Endeavour Hydrotherapy Pool
Rising energy costs and the impact of Covid-19 has caused a decrease in availability of public hydrotherapy facilities.

Want to know more about how to reduce costs for a hydrotherapy pool? Read our blog to find out how our environmental control system can save you money.

Gaining Access to Hydrotherapy at Home

Looking at the current climate, it is clear that access to public hydrotherapy pool facilities is diminishing.

As energy costs rise and attendances to public pools decline due to the lingering threat of Covid, providers are finding it increasingly difficult to accommodate demand for hydrotherapy.

This leaves many families who rely on these services in a difficult predicament — either travel further to find another facility, costing them more time and money, or look into home hydrotherapy.

Criteria for Grant for Home Hydrotherapy

Putting together a claim for a hydrotherapy pool for your home can be a long and difficult process, involving a fact-specific and bespoke approach for the end user.

Case managers, solicitors and local authorities must weigh up if there is a clinical need for hydrotherapy, identified by the relevant medical expert(s) and the occupational therapist, with a case put forward that the costs associated with a hydrotherapy pool should be recovered.

There also needs to be a consideration of whether the home in question has the space and planning permissions to accommodate a pool installation.

Watch our video below of the stainless steel hydrotherapy pool Innova installed for Masie Mann at her home:

A grant for a hydrotherapy pool at home is likely to be allowed if:

  • An injured person has a daily need for hydrotherapy
  • The case is supported by the relevant medical experts and occupational therapist
  • The end user reports feeling much better after the sessions
  • There is a track record of engagement with hydrotherapy provision if possible, evidenced in the notes and in invoices
  • There is evidence that alternative provision either does not exist or is completely impractical

Once that criteria has been satisfied, families can work with a case manager and occupational therapist to find a supplier who can discuss and install a solution that meets their particular care needs.

Need help designing and installing a hydrotherapy pool for your home? Book a free consultation with our team to get advice on the best solution for your specific needs.

Hydrotherapy Pool Considerations for your home

Typically, home hydrotherapy is for individuals with life-changing injuries and disabilities.

They use these pools as part of their long-term rehabilitation or physical therapy plan, helping to enhance their wellbeing, independence and pain management.

Home Hydrotherapy
Typically, home hydrotherapy is for individuals with life-changing injuries and disabilities.

It’s highly unlikely that a home hydrotherapy pool will be used by just one person, as there often needs to be carers and occupational therapists in the water for sessions.

That’s why hydrotherapy pools have to be at least 2.7m2 space per person, with the smallest size for a domestic hydrotherapy pool specified at 5.4m2.

However, in a family home, people often want the pool to be suitable for both therapeutic and recreational use, so require a much larger design!

To ensure your home hydrotherapy pool installation goes smoothly, read our guide on designing home hydrotherapy pools.

Obstacles for Hydrotherapy Pools in domestic settings

As with any extension or building work for a domestic property, there is planning permissions to be granted.

More often that not, domestic properties may not be able to fit a pool inside their existing structure or extended due to size limitations or planning permissions.

So what happens if you can’t fit a pool inside your home?

To help more people benefit from aquatic therapy at home, Innova Care Concepts have created a brand new innovative product called HydroSpace, a portable hydrotherapy suite for your garden!

HydroSpace External
See how the Hydrospace looks in your garden!

Introducing HydroSpace

HydroSpace is a modular solution that enables you to have a fully building regulation compliant hydrotherapy retreat at the bottom of your garden.

Whereas a usual hydrotherapy pool installation requires complex ground work on site, planning permission and lengthy installation times, the HydroSpace is built off site as a complete unit to achieve quick installation and reduce disruption for your home.

Subject to any permitted development already carried out, in most cases you do not need planning permission to build a HydroSpace.

However, you may need to contact your planning office if you are living in:

  • An area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Conservation area
  • Green belt
  • A listed building

As a portable hydrotherapy suite, it also gives the added benefit of having a steel frame and robust structure that allows it to be craned into position numerous times while still retaining its structural integrity.

This ensures this facility can travel with you should you decide to move house at any point.

HydroSpace with Hoist for Home Hydrotherapy
HydroSpace offers a range of different options such as hoisting, lights, music and Venturi jets.

Another benefit of HydroSpace compared to a standard hydrotherapy pool is the opportunity for you to customise and create your very own outdoor retreat.

Offering numerous finishing options to suit your taste and budget, you can also add additional features like Venturi jets, lights, music, Wi-Fi, changing benches and hoisting to create your bespoke hydrotherapy getaway.

Tackling hydrotherapy pool energy costs

In this blog, we have seen how rising energy costs have caused a number of public facilities to close or reduce the number of sessions that end users can access.

HydroSpace helps improve access to aquatic therapy by offering an effective solution for your home, saving you time and money on traveling, whilst also minimising energy costs thanks to its energy efficient plant system and compact structure.

Its energy efficient pump and integrated plant room ensures heat is retained and reduces the amount of energy and cost required to heat your hydrotherapy pool.

This makes the HydroSpace economical to use all year-round, boosting the frequency that an end user can experience the full benefits of hydrotherapy.

Find out how HydroSpace can help improve your physical rehabilitation and wellbeing by downloading our free brochure!

Hydrospace Garden Room
HydroSpace External Ariel Shot


Covid-19 and rising energy bills have contributed to a steep decline in usage and availability of public hydrotherapy pool facilities.

However, the need for this type of therapy is greater than ever before.

That’s why effective solutions to facilitate home hydrotherapy are in high demand, providing users and their families with the right levels of access to aquatic therapy.

In order to make the process of getting a hydrotherapy facility installed in your home easier, the portable HydroSpace brings an innovative and efficient alternative.

Featuring energy-efficient plant room technology to reduce running costs and a modular construction to remove the barriers posed by planning permissions, families have a simpler solution to have a hydrotherapy at home.


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