The Canch Changing Places Install


The Canch Changing Places Install

Located just to the east of Worksop Town Centre, The Canch is an award-winning park that is owned and managed by Bassetlaw District Council.

Covering an area of 4.8 hectares, The Canch is a popular venue that hosts many events, activities and fundraising initiatives throughout the year, including a Children’s Water Fountain Splash Park and a sensory garden.

As part of Bassetlaw District Council’s commitment to continually improve the overall facilities at its Green Flag award-winning park, plans for a new building were put in place in 2021 to include a refreshments kiosk, a Changing Places toilet, a disabled toilet, a baby change and parent WC in addition to four unisex toilets.

The Canch Changing Places Install

To improve their visitor experience and make their park accessible for all, Bassetlaw District Council got in touch with Innova Care Concepts to supply and install a new Changing Places facility.

As one of the major Changing Place suppliers in the UK, Innova sourced and installed specialist healthcare equipment including a overhead hoist system, to ensure The Canch had accessible toilet facilities for all visitors to their park.

The Challenge

For a number of years, local people have been in consultation with Bassetlaw District Council to ask for improved facilities at The Canch.

In order to meet this need, the Council put plans in place to invest in a new building situated opposite the splash pool, within an area of the sensory garden.

The new building would feature more welcoming toilet facilities, a baby change area, and adding another Changing Places facility in Worksop.

Innova were tasked with supplying and installing the Changing Place toilet, using their experience and expertise to provide a compliant facility.

The Canch Changing Places Install

During the planning and design phase of the project, Innova carried out a site survey to assess the new building and clarify if any additional work was required to incorporate a Changing Place.

Originally, the installation team looked at installing an H-frame overhead hoist system using heavy duty wall brackets, but when the survey was carried out, it was obvious that the joists were adequate for a ceiling fix.

The other challenge that we encountered was when the team installing the plasterboards removed our drops from the first fix.

Innova’s Solution

With our drops removed from the first fix for the Changing Place, our team were able to get access above the plasterboards and put the drops back in, avoiding any damage to the structure or generating additional building work.

As the joists inside the room for the Changing Place were adequate for a ceiling fix, it also meant that the Innova team could use a smaller rail to create a more discrete and aesthetically pleasing installation for the overhead hoist system.

The Canch Changing Places Install

Innova were able to provide all the specialist healthcare equipment that a compliant Changing Place requires, such as a height-adjustable basin and a mobile privacy screen.

It has been a privilege to be able to help Bassetlaw District Council make The Canch an even more accessible environment to families of all ages and abilities.

What Innova installed:

  • AirRise200 hoist unit and H-frame overhead hoist system to help improve user accessibility and save caregivers’ time during transfers.
  • Height-adjustable Changing Bench 3000, providing carers an accessible, elevated area to use without needing to bend and strain.
  • Select height-adjustable wash basin to allow users to sit comfortably underneath the basin whilst also being able bear the weight of a standing user.
  • Mobile privacy screen to enhance user comfort and dignity.

The Canch Changing Places Install


“For a number of years, local people have asked for improved facilities like this and as a Council we are proud to deliver on our promise and enhance what is already a wonderful park. By installing more welcoming toilet facilities, a baby change area, and by adding another Changing Places facility, we hope this will make our park even more accessible to families of all ages and abilities.”

Julie Leigh, Councillor at Bassetlaw District Council

“Having access to the outdoors is so important for my disabled son’s health and wellbeing. The Canch is the first park in Bassetlaw to install Changing Places facilities. We are looking forward to visiting The Canch as a family, to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Knowing that a suitable fully accessible toilet is nearby makes such a difference to our day, we are able to choose when to leave rather our time being restricted due to lack of facilities.”

Alison Beevers, Changing Places Campaigner 

“It has been a privilege to be involved in a project that’s helping disabled people in society. Changing Places provide life changing facilities that make places accessible to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy them. Bassetlaw District Council have made The Canch and Memorial Gardens more accessible and inclusive for those with complex disabilities.”

Derek Oliver, Changing Places Manager, Innova Care Concepts

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