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Based in North East Lincolnshire, St Andrew’s Hospice provides palliative and end of life care for adults and children. The hospice delivers a wide range of services including counselling, complementary therapies, lymphoedema clinics, physiotherapy and bereavement support.

In order to enhance the quality and variety of care they provide for younger patients, St Andrew’s put forward plans to refurbish their Andy’s Children Unit.

This would feature a sensory room, with state-of-the-art facilities including projected images and interactive features in order to enhance the sensory experience for their patients.

As a result, they needed support with the design, installation and sourcing of equipment.

This is where Innova came in.

Having helped St Andrew’s back in 2015, where their front of house areas and In-Patient Unit were fitted out with a range of loose and fitted furniture, beds, mattresses and hoisting, Innova were the perfect choice to help refurbish their new children’s unit.

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The Challenge

St Andrew’s needed assistance to create a design concept for the refurbishment of their children’s unit, including fitted equipment that would be design-led, high-end and didn’t look clinical.

They required a supplier who could guide the hospice through the whole process, offering a refurbishment package that understood their key requirements, met their clinical specifications and could accommodate their account colour schemes.

St Andrew’s Hospice

Another challenge to overcome was the fact that the children’s unit had to be closed down for a long period of time due to client factors around Covid-19 and staffing.

This meant that there was a requirement for storage of furniture and equipment, as access to the site was limited during that period, leaving a very tight window for installation and delivery of equipment for the refurbishment.

As a result, St Andrew’s needed a supplier who was able to store equipment for a period of time before allowing work to be carried out on the premises.

Innova’s Solution

One of the biggest challenges for St Andrew’s was storage.

With the help of Innova, that problem was easily solved with their two warehouse facilities providing over 700,000 sq. ft worth of warehouse space.

St Andrew’s Hospice

This meant we could help St Andrew’s to easily store loose furniture and specialist equipment, such as hoist systems, until they were required on site.

To meet the hospice’s need for a colourful and a high-end refurbishment, Innova delivered a number of bespoke fitted furniture items.

These included a bespoke reception desk with in-built LED lighting and a 7-door cabinet in the play room, featuring bulk head LED lighting and curved shelving.

In order to prevent the bedrooms having a clinical look, we installed below hung monorail overhead ceiling track hoist systems, that enabled the hoist units to be discreetly stored in a cupboard when not in use.

St Andrew’s Hospice

As a result, the rooms were able to accommodate the functionality required to ensure patients had the correct standard of care, without creating a clinical environment and feel.

What Innova installed:

  • 1 No. 7 Door cabinet in Play Room with bulk head with LED lighting and curved shelving
  • 2) 1 No. H-frame (X-Y) below hung overhead ceiling track hoisting system in bathroom. AirGlide 360 tracking with AirRise 200 hoist unit.
  • 3) 4 No. below hung monorail overhead ceiling track hoist systems with 90 degree curves providing full access over the bed in the patient bedrooms.
  • 4) 1 No. bespoke reception desk with built in LED lighting.
  • 5) 5 No. bedhead unit in each of the rooms with LED lighting. Medical gases and sockets stored down the side of the units.

St Andrew’s Hospice


“It’s a great team to work with. There was regular contact during the project planning, including many visits looking at things like colour samples. Innova really listened to the spec and appreciated what we were trying to achieve. The aftercare and support is second to none, and we have a really good working relationship. I would highly recommend Innova.”

Michelle Rollinson, Chief Executive at St Andrew’s Hospice

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