What is included in a hydrotherapy pool plant system?

Posted on 18 June 2024 in Hydrotherapy Pools

Every hydrotherapy pool needs a plant room. These facilities are designed to help you manage the conditions of the pool and the room itself.

But if you’re putting together designs for a hydrotherapy pool and needing to include space for a pool plant system, then you might want to know what it does. Here’s a quick guide to what’s included in a hydrotherapy pool plant room!

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What is a hydrotherapy pool plant system?

A hydrotherapy pool plant system controls all kinds of things like water pumps, filtration systems, water heating and chemical dosing. Your pool plant systems will house everything needed to run and maintain your hydrotherapy pool.

Each pool plant will be different for each and every hydrotherapy pool. Having the right plant system for your pool is very important because it affects the safety of the water.

Designing a hydrotherapy pool plant system

When you’re designing a hydrotherapy pool plant room, you need to make sure it falls in line with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) code of practice. This includes the following:

  • Should be adequately sized for equipment to fit in
  • A separate chemical store should be included, or at least a separate area beside the plant room with external access
  • Fitted with necessary safety systems (i.e., smoke detectors, chlorine gas detectors)

There are other factors that also need considering, but you can check out the PWTAG code of practice. The plant room should be situated as close as possible to the pool.

The size of the pool plant room is also dependent on the size of the pool. Typically the bigger the pool, the bigger the plant room.

What is included in a hydrotherapy pool plant system?

The plant room will house all sorts of equipment needed to run and maintain your hydrotherapy pool. Whenever we design a hydrotherapy pool plant system, we aim to make it as simple as possible to understand and maintain so that the end-user can have a hassle-free pool.

When you (or a hydrotherapy pool specialist) specifies the equipment to go in the pool plant room, it should be made as straight-forward as possible. This includes choosing systems that are easy-to-use and efficient to save the client time and money in the long run.

Whenever we design and specify hydrotherapy pools and the surrounding systems, we always recommend easy-to-use control boards with different settings like night mode, standby, and backwash mode. This makes it easier for the client to change between settings to keep the pool at its best at any time of day.

You can also specify technology that makes the whole system as efficient as possible for the end-user. This includes having variable speed pumps, chemical dosing systems, and even internet connections. All these things make it easier to keep the hydrotherapy pool running with little effort needed.


There are lots of things that go in your hydrotherapy pool pump room and system. These are the things you need to keep in mind whenever you design a pump system to ensure that it’s as easy as possible for the end-user to keep the pool running smoothly for as long as possible.

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