Our hospice-focused solutions are crafted with compassion, ensuring comfort and dignity for patients in their final journey. From specialized beds to soothing furnishings, we tailor our offerings to meet the unique needs of hospice environments, providing support and solace to patients and their families.

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St Andrew’s Hospice
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We offer practically every service a hospice could need – fit outs, bespoke equipment, and even staff training. We’ll meet and discuss exactly what it is the hospice is wanting, discuss the options, and find the best solution to meet their needs. We can help with refurbishments, new projects, or even just a few miscellaneous items. Our Healthcare Consultants can help from the initial design and interior concepts, through to manufacture, installation, and commissioning of items. You can see some examples of our hospice fit outs on the case studies page.

Experienced in Providing for Hospices Throughout the Country

Each and every product in our hospice portfolio has been meticulously designed and tested with hospices in mind. Our Healthcare Consultants can help with anything, and we’ll make sure that your equipment and layouts go above and beyond any expectations. We have long-lasting relationships with hospices, so that they know they can turn to us anytime for any equipment. We provide full back-up after sales services, including maintenance and servicing, as well as free staff training.

St Andrew’s Hospice

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