TR4200 Bariatric Shower Trolley

Elevate care for plus-size patients with our TR4200 Bariatric Shower Trolley, a pinnacle of efficiency and dignity in caregiving. This battery-operated marvel is meticulously designed to meet the unique hygiene and safety needs of individuals with higher weight requirements. Boasting a formidable Working Load Limit of 270 kg/600 lbs, the TR4200 offers expansive body space, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for various caregiving tasks.

Beyond its exceptional showering capabilities, this trolley proves to be a versatile companion for dressing, nursing, and more. Caregivers benefit from height adjustability, tilt control, and user-friendly features, ensuring an ergonomic and compassionate caregiving experience.

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TR4200 Shower Trolley
TR4200 Sizes

Delivered Ready for Use

All versions are available with an on-board battery solution or with removeable rechargeable batteries. Complete shower trolley IPX5. TR4200 comes delivered ready for use with a MagCode battery charger, mattress, head pillow and 1 m flexible drainage hose.

Powerful Features

The TR4200 comes with a powerful hand control, corner bumper wheels, large castors, and a flame-retardant mattress. The stainless steel chassis ensures durability, while high-capacity batteries offer reliable performance. Caregivers benefit from height adjustability, tilt control, and a user-friendly foot control for brakes and steering.

TR4200 Shower Trolley

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Installation, Demonstration & Training:

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Servicing & Maintenance:

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Powerful and Spacious: Robust design with 270 kg capacity.

Versatile and Durable: Ideal for various caregiving tasks.

Caregiver-Friendly: Height and tilt adjustment for ergonomic use.

The TR4200 offers smooth tilting and height adjustment, ensuring safe and comfortable patient transfers for caregivers.

Yes, its robust design and spaciousness make it versatile for dressing, nursing, and various caregiving tasks.

The TR4200 is designed for easy operation, cleaning, and maintenance, ensuring efficient and dignified patient care.

Absolutely. The TR4200 is designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. Its robust construction and bariatric capacity make it suitable for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities. The trolley's versatility extends beyond showering; it can also facilitate dressing, nursing, and other caregiving tasks. With its adaptable features, including height adjustment and tilt functionality, the TR4200 ensures safe and comfortable care for bariatric and taller patients. Its broad range of applications makes it a valuable asset in various healthcare environments, promoting efficient and dignified patient care.

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