TR3200 Shower Trolley

The TR3200 Shower Trolley redefines patient care with its innovative design and versatile features. Engineered for healthcare professionals, this battery-operated trolley ensures a safe and ergonomic working position. With a maximum patient weight of 230 kg (500 lbs), it boasts dual-mounted columns, allowing stretcher overlap for seamless transfers.

The trolley's dual drainage system accommodates positioning in either direction, enhancing flexibility for caregivers. Whether through its height-adjustable mechanism, side-mounted column, or easy-to-use MagCode Charger, the TR3200 prioritizes caregiver efficiency, patient comfort, and overall safety.

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TR3200 Shower Trolley
TR3200 Sizing

The TR 3200 comes in two sizes

Both versions are available with on board battery solution or with removeable rechargeable batteries. Complete shower trolley IPX5. All TR 3200 models comes delivered ready for use with a MagCode charger, mattress, head pillow, 4 braked castors and 1 m flexible drainage hose.

Sets a New Standard for Patient Care

The TR3200 Shower Trolley sets a new standard for patient care. With a robust construction of powder-coated stainless steel, it supports a maximum patient weight of 230 kg. The height-adjustable feature, smooth tilt adjustment, and dual drainage system ensure optimal functionality, addressing diverse caregiving needs with precision.

TR3200 Shower Trolley

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Schedule a consultation to discuss your unique showering needs, allowing us to understand your requirements and offer tailored solutions.

On Site Visit & Requirement Assessment

Our experts conduct an on-site assessment, evaluating the space and specific needs to recommend the most suitable TR Equipment shower trolley model.


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Installation, Demonstration & Training:

Seamless delivery, setup, and hands-on training for efficient usage.

Servicing & Maintenance:

Continuous support to keep your TR3200 operating smoothly.

The TR3200 enables safe and smooth patient transfers, reducing strain.

Dual drainage allows positioning patients in either direction easily.

On-board rechargeable batteries provide flexibility and hassle-free operation.

The battery lasts for multiple shower sessions, depending on usage.

Yes, the MagCode Charger prevents overcharging, making overnight charging safe.

Yes, the magnetic connector ensures safe charging even during movement.

Yes, we provide readily available replacement parts for maintenance and repairs.

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