TR2000 Shower Trolley

Discover unparalleled versatility with the TR2000 Hydraulic Shower Trolley. Engineered for multi-tasking convenience, this trolley boasts a hydraulic foot-operated mechanism, ensuring seamless patient transfers with a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg (440 lbs).

What sets it apart is the side-mounted column, enabling the stretcher to overlap beds for safe and effortless transfers. The trolley's unique design allows drainage at both ends, offering flexibility for positioning the person in either direction, a valuable feature for caregivers.

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TR2000 Shower Trolley
TR2000 Sizes

The TR 2000 comes in four sizes

All four models come delivered ready for use with mattress, head pillow, 4 braked castors and 1 m flexible drainage hose.

Designed for Optimal Functionality

The TR2000 Hydraulic Shower Trolley is designed for optimal functionality, providing a range of standard features to enhance the caregiving experience. With a maximum patient weight capacity of 200 kg (440 lbs), the trolley offers dual drainage for easy adjustments of the designated head end. A remarkable floor clearance of 160 mm enables smooth floor lift transfers.

TR2000 Shower Trolley

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Schedule a consultation to discuss your unique showering needs, allowing us to understand your requirements and offer tailored solutions.

On Site Visit & Requirement Assessment

Our experts conduct an on-site assessment, evaluating the space and specific needs to recommend the most suitable TR Equipment shower trolley model.


Receive a detailed quote outlining the chosen TR 2000 model and any additional features or modifications based on your preferences.

Installation, Demonstration & Training:

Our professional team ensures a seamless installation of the TR 2000, providing hands-on demonstrations and comprehensive training to your caregivers for optimal usage.

Servicing & Maintenance:

Benefit from ongoing support, including regular servicing and maintenance to keep your TR 2000 shower trolley in optimal condition, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Seamless Patient Transfer with Bed Overlapping Capability.

Hands-Free Foot Operation for Height Adjustment Efficiency.

Easy Maintenance with Removable Flame-Retardant PVC Mattress.

Absolutely, the TR 2000 is uniquely designed to cater to taller patients, ensuring their comfort and safety during showering procedures.

Certainly, the TR 2000 features an easily tiltable stretcher (+-4°) in both directions, providing flexibility for efficient drainage and accommodating patients in a "Trendelenburg" position if needed.

The TR 2000 boasts a robust design with a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg, ensuring reliable and secure support for a diverse range of patients.

Yes, the TR 2000 comes equipped with foldable side rails, offering a convenient solution for enhanced patient access during transfers.

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