TR 900 Assisted Bathtub

Immerse your patients in the epitome of assisted bathing luxury with the TR 900 Bathtub. This height-adjustable marvel transcends traditional hygiene routines, fostering a holistic sense of well-being. Crafted with high-quality fiberglass, the keyhole-shaped design ensures ample upper body space, while caregivers benefit from easy access.

The RADA mixer, adjustable foot support, and LINAK actuators empower caregivers with seamless control. As a beacon of safety, the clean and hygienic design incorporates marked hoses for resident safety. With a maximum weight limit of 150 kg, the TR 900 harmonizes functionality and comfort, redefining the bathing experience for both patients and caregivers.

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TR900 Bathtub

Combines Ergonomic Design With Premium Features

The TR 900 Bathtub combines ergonomic design with premium features for optimal patient care. With a height-adjustable range of 610 to 940 mm, RADA mixer, and keyhole shape, it ensures comfort and easy access. The double fiberglass construction enhances insulation, while color-marked cleaning hoses and a 150 kg weight limit prioritize safety and efficiency.

Clean and Hygienic Design

The TR 900 Bathtub stands out with its clean and hygienic design, facilitating caregiver-patient interaction. Easy-to-operate controls, pop-up drainage, and the option for wellness features contribute to a seamless bathing experience. With compatibility with TR Patient Lifts, this bathtub offers versatile solutions for assisted bathing in various care settings.

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Ergonomic design promotes caregiver efficiency and patient comfort.

Hygienic features ensure a clean and safe bathing environment.

Versatile compatibility with TR Patient Lifts for seamless transfers.

Yes, the TR 900 is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Its clean and hygienic design, along with easy-to-clean surfaces and pop-up drainage, ensures a sanitary bathing environment for both caregivers and patients. The double-skin fiberglass construction minimizes heat loss, contributing to a more comfortable and hygienic bathing experience

The keyhole-shaped bathtub design serves multiple purposes. It offers more space around the upper body, allowing residents to be fully immersed in water for a more satisfying bathing experience. Additionally, the elongated shape provides caregivers with easy access to the bathtub from three sides, facilitating efficient assistance during bathing routines.

Yes, the TR 900 is compatible with TR Patient Lifts, providing a seamless integration for assisted bathing. This ensures a smooth and safe transfer of patients in and out of the bathtub, enhancing the overall efficiency and convenience of the bathing process.

Absolutely. The TR 900 is equipped with safety features to ensure a secure bathing experience. The color-marked hoses for shower and cleaning are designed to be out of reach and sight for residents, minimizing potential hazards. These thoughtful design elements contribute to an environment focused on resident safety and well-being during bathing procedures.

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