Our Story

Our name is taken from the word ‘innovation’, and that’s what we bring to the world of healthcare equipment. With over 200 combined years of experience in this sector, the Innova team is prepared to go to any end to ensure that caregivers and patients we supply to have the finest equipment available. Not only that, we think of new, creative ways to make our products as multifunctional as possible as well as being aesthetically pleasing. We believe that patient care equipment should look subtle and sleek – and ours does.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Innova’s mission is to enhance quality of life through innovation. We take our mission very seriously, which is why we design such unique and revolutionary items. Our Integralift and our AirGlide360 inset hoist tracking are just two of the products we offer that facilitate a better quality of life without looking mechanical or unsettling. On the other end of our product range, we have items like the Interlude hospital beds and Somlent pressure care mattresses that deliver the finest solutions in high dependency units or palliative care settings. We want our equipment to be as easy-to-use as possible, so that the caregiver can do whatever they need to with no hassle, allowing them to dedicate all their attention to the patient.

Our Values

At Innova, we’re friendly, dynamic, honest, passionate, and of course, innovative. We pride ourselves on our positive approach to problem-solving, and our ability to always bring a new idea to the table. We don’t shy away from a challenge because we know that we can find the perfect solution. Whether it’s a new hospice fit out, a care home refurbishment, or a full hospital ward, we can provide the care solutions needed so that our end-users have the best quality of life available to them. We take care in our equipment, so it can take care of them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the UK’s fastest growing patient care equipment organisation every year. By 2020, we will be the most sought-after brand in the healthcare sector, the people who make the difference, the unignorables.