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In July 2022, Lloyds Banking Group became the first bank to open its first Changing Places facility in Old Broad Street, London.

The facility was commissioned thanks to the extensive campaign work of their Accessibility Manager, Ross Hovey, who used his own personal experiences to help get the Changing Places installed.

Following advice and consultations with Ross, Lloyds Banking Group got in  touch with Changing Places supplier, Innova Care Concepts, to install a facility that could enhance accessibility for both staff and the wider public.

This particular project had a number of challenges to overcome, both from a structural and logistical point of view, so they required a supplier who had a wealth of experience in delivering compliant Changing Places toilets.

Working with Wates Group, Innova were able fulfil that need, helping to supply and install the new facility, including specialist healthcare equipment such as a height-adjustable changing bench, to make the venue more inclusive.

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The Challenge

In order to improve accessibility for both staff and the wider public, Lloyds Banking Group required a Changing Place toilet within their headquarters, situated at Old Broad Street in London.

This posed a range of logistical challenges.

With a busy office situated in the centre of London, it meant there were limitations with access, especially moving materials and equipment to install a new Changing Place toilet.

To ensure the new toilets were totally accessible, Lloyds wanted to have the new facility based in the foyer area of the main entrance.

A vacant store room was identified to house a new Changing Place, but this brought about a range of structural obstacles, as the room wasn’t suitable for the method of installation they required.

There were also some issues with getting pipework for the plumbing to the correct location, so the specialist toilet, wash basin and shower could be connected.

Innova’s Solution

Innova, working with Wates Group, advised Lloyds Banking Group throughout the installation process to ensure that any obstacles were overcome to deliver a registered Changing Place toilet.

To get around the issue of limited access due to location and a busy work environment, all work was carried out on site at night between 11pm and 5am, ensuring Lloyds Banking Group staff weren’t affected by any disruptions caused by building works.

By working at night to carry out the necessary work, our installation team were able to find a solution to the structural work that was required to house the Changing Place.

They worked with the structural engineers to create a structural pattress that transferred the weight exerted on the hoist system through the wall into the floor and ceiling.

By including this solution, it will prevent buckling of the main beams, load distribution and dimensional control when the hoist in use.

In addition, our plumbers worked with Kier Construction to adapt the piping already in place in the room to ensure all sanitaryware was installed correctly.

Once these structural changes were put in place, Innova were able to install a fully compliant Changing Places toilet, including specialist healthcare equipment such as a height-adjustable changing bench and wash basin, ceiling track with hoist, as well as a privacy screen and shower facilities.

It has been a pleasure to help Lloyds Banking Group become the first banking institution in the UK to have a Changing Places facility that can be used by both staff and the general public.

Lloyds’ next Changing Place facility will be on Canons Way in Bristol’s Harbourside – due to open at the end of 2022!

What Innova installed:

  • AirRise200 hoist unit and H-frame overhead hoist system to help improve user accessibility and save caregivers’ time during transfers.
  • Mobile height-adjustable changing bench, providing carers an accessible, elevated area to use without needing to bend and strain.
  • Wash basin to allow users to sit comfortably underneath the basin whilst able to bear the weight of a standing user.
  • Electric shower featuring maximum temperature settings to ensure that no user gets scalded when in use.
  • Privacy screen to enhance user comfort and dignity.
  • Wide paper roll dispenser.
  • Hand towel dispenser.
  • Soap dispenser.
  • Colostomy shelf.
  • Full height mirror.
  • Coat hooks.
  • Large sanitary waste bin.
  • General waste bin.


“Standard accessible toilets meet the needs for some people – but there are those of us where specialist washrooms with extra space are crucial.  I regularly visit our Old Broad Street office in London and having the new Changing Places facility at work is a welcome step towards full inclusivity.

“I have spinal muscular atrophy and use an electric wheelchair, my care team provides the support I need, 24/7. This new facility further enables me and my carers to have access to facilities that help my needs when I am at work.

“The benefits aren’t just related to my working day.  Many of us like to have a quick drink with work pals now and again and, for most, where to go to the loo isn’t a factor when deciding whether to have that post work pint.  Having an adapted washroom gives me the freedom to make last minute decisions to socialise with my work friends, as I’m less anxious about getting back to my adapted home.”

Ross Hovey, Accessibility Manager, Lloyds Banking Group


“Those of us who don’t have to think about how, when or where we use the toilet are in a position of privilege. A lack of accessible facilities can become a source of anxiety and stress for disabled people – making it difficult to leave home, or stay out for long periods of time.

“Everyone has the right to access facilities that meet their needs and, where a lack of these services prevents people from living their lives to the fullest, we need to take action. We’ve opened our first Changing Places toilet, at our office on Old Broad Street in Central London, and we’ll be opening more in the future – with the next in Bristol later this year.”

David Oldfield, CEO Commercial Banking and Disability Sponsor, Lloyds Banking Group


“As co-chair of the Changing Places Toilet Consortium, Muscular Dystrophy UK is delighted that Lloyds Banking Group has become the first bank nationally to install a Changing Places Toilet in a public building.

“We applaud Lloyds Banking Group commitment to supporting accessibility for both their staff and members of the public in the heart of London’s financial centre, making this important area more accessible for workers who depend on these facilities.

“At the Changing Places Consortium, we have been campaigning for more of these vital facilities nationwide to meet the needs of more than 250,000 people in the UK who are entirely dependent on them for their basic toileting needs once they leave the home. Changing Places facility costs upwards of just £20,000, and the impact for the community is invaluable.”

Karen Hoe OBE, Changing Places Manager at Muscular Dystrophy UK


“It has been a pleasure to work with Lloyds Banking Group and Wates Group to deliver the first registered Changing Place in a banking institution.

“This new facility enables Lloyds Banking Group to be more accessible for employees who work in Old Broad Street, London, as well as providing access to a Changing Place for the wider public.

“It is fantastic to see the commitment shown to enhancing accessibility for all and we look forward to seeing more Changing Places installed in the workplace.”

Derek Oliver, Changing Places Manager, Innova Care Concepts


Changing Places

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