Jade & Lukas: Home Adaptation


When Jade was looking to adapt her home for her son Lukas, she got in contact for our expertise in creating accessible homes. Lukas, who is 10-year-old, has cerebral palsy, and needed specialist equipment to help with his mobility and to give him more independence at home.

We worked with Jade, and various contractors, to put together a bespoke home adaptation. From the design stages to the final install, our team ensured all care requirements for her and Lukas were met throughout. The result is a welcoming, home complete with overhead hoist systems, specialist bathroom equipment, and even a two-level lift!

The Challenge

Jade was looking for a full house adaptation, requiring a complex list of specialist equipment to be used around her home to support Lukas’ care needs.

Not only did the house need to be changed for his current care requirements, it also needed to consider his future needs.

To overcome this challenge, a sperate annex was also required, complete with a hoist installation and bathroom equipment that Lukas can use when he’s older.

One of the key aims of the build was to improve accessibility, enabling the family to easily move between rooms, but without compromising on style when it came to interior design.

Subtle equipment was needed to allow Lukas to move independently between rooms and floors, reducing physical demands on Jade when moving and handling etc.

Innova’s Solution

Our project management team handled the design work of all our equipment from start to finish, consulting Jade on what would be most effective in meeting Lukas’ care needs, pricing up the project and putting together an agreed installation plan.

  • Two-level Ultilift installed to enable Lukas to move between floors independently. Command controls positioned to fit where Lukas has maximum mobility to make it easy to operate.
  • AirGlide360 H-frame tracking hoist systems with AirRise200 hoist to the bedroom and en-suite, with connecting coupling in the house and in the annex.
  • Avero specialist bath with light therapy, Air spa, music system, aromatherapy and neatfold stretcher.
  • 2 No. Matrix sinks with electric height adjustment allows multiple people to use the sink comfortably.
  • 2 No. Geberit Aquaclean Mera Care wash dry toilets enables more independence in the bathroom and supports personal hygiene.

Client Quote

“I had my house adapted for my son, Lukas, who has cerebral palsy, and contacted Innova as they are a company that specialise in disabilities.

“They supplied us with a hoist system in two rooms, a bath that was high low rise and two sinks. The sinks are amazing, it is helping us so much because Lukas is able to pull them up if needed, or they can go down if he is sitting in his wheelchair.

“We had an amazing lift put in as well, which Lukas can go in on his own. They’ve just helped us out massively.

“It’s just so nice to see Lukas having so much independence. I would definitely recommend them.”

Innova Quote

“It is lovely to hear such positive feedback. We carried out an in-depth assessment to work out Lukas’ current and future needs.

The lift was specially designed so he could drive in and out in his powerchair, through an angled access door.

Consideration was taken when positioning the command controls within the lift to ensure that they were on the side that Lukas has maximum mobility.”


Jade & Lukas Home Adaptation Jade & Lukas Home AdaptationJade & Lukas Home Adaptation Jade & Lukas Home Adaptation Jade & Lukas Home Adaptation

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