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Halton Haven Hospice

Halton Haven Hospice, based in Runcorn, provides specialist palliative care to people who are living with terminal conditions. Their services include a 12-bed In-Patient Unit (IPU), delivering palliative and end-of-life care to support patients physically, psychologically and emotionally to enable them to carry on living the lives they want to live for as long as possible.

The Hospice also has a Day Hospice Clinic to provide support, treatment, assessment, rehabilitation and therapy for people living with a life-limiting diagnosis. Due to a rise in the number of bariatric patients admitted to the Hospice, Halton Haven needed to increase their bariatric equipment provisions, enabling their staff to facilitate the best possible care and safeguard the dignity of the individual.

To help find the right equipment to cater for their bariatric care requirements, the Hospice got in touch with Innova Care Concepts. As a result, Innova were able to advise and supply Halton Haven  with a bariatric care equipment package including an Versatech 1100 Bariatric Bed, a bariatric mattress, a bariatric recliner chair and lateral tilt system.

The Challenge

As a Hospice, they were conscious of the increasing need for bariatric equipment to meet the needs of plus-sized patients admitted to the Hospice. Previously, the Hospice had always hired equipment, whether that was beds or hoists. Not only was this a costly exercise, it also didn’t always meet the needs of their patients effectively or in a timely way.

In order to meet the specific care requirements of their patients, their Lead Clinical Services Manager, Sarah Deacon, was tasked with sourcing the best bariatric bed within a specified budget. During their research on products, they struggled to find what they were looking for in terms of cost, design and suitability.

However, by contacting Innova Care Concepts, the Hospice found an equipment supplier who had the expertise they were looking for, helping them to find the products and equipment package that met their patient’s needs.

Innova Solution

Halton Have Hospice wanted an equipment package that would enhance the quality of life for their patients, delivering greater comfort, dignity and independence. After establishing their specific requirements and guiding them on which products would be most suitable, we invited staff from Halton Haven Hospice to look at the products that we had available. During their visit, our team were able to show demonstrations of how our Versatech 1100 Bariatric Bed worked as well our Bariatric Arene Rise Recliner Chair.

Not only were the Hospice able to see the products first-hand, we also enabled them to trial our bariatric bed in their Hospice, enabling all their staff that would be using the bed on a daily basis to learn how it worked. Having trialed our equipment, Halton Haven decided to go for our bariatric equipment package featuring an Interlude 500 Bariatric Bed, an Aura II air replacement bariatric mattress with digital pump, a Bariatric Arene Rise Recliner Chair and a Vikta Komfitilt lateral tilt system

One of the main reasons why the Hospice chose the Interlude 500 was because it can easily be made into a standard size bed by simply adjusting the side panels. As a result, the bed could be used for any patient at the Hospice, helping provide flexibility for staff and reducing cost. In addition, the team at Halton Haven were also impressed with the fact the bed had 2 sensor falls alarms, and that it was able to be lowered to a class-leading 21cm, helping to maintain patient safety and dignity as much as possible.


“After establishing our requirements, we were invited to the Innova showroom to look at the products available. It proved to be of great benefit to find what we were looking for, especially in being able to book a trial to have the bed at our Hospice. We were so impressed with the high specification of the bed, the cost, and the excellent customer service we received from Almanzo that we also purchased a bespoke bariatric bed. I would highly recommend Almanzo and Innova for any care providers looking for high quality and affordable equipment.”

Sarah Deacon – Lead Clinical Services Manager, Halton Haven Hospice

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