Darwin Shopping Centre Changing Places


Darwin Shopping Centre Changing Places

As Shrewsbury’s largest shopping centre, Darwin Shopping Centre were looking to make their venue more inclusive and accessible to all visitors. To achieve this, they wanted to install new toilet facilities including a Changing Place. As part of a £2 million refurbishment provided by Shropshire Council, they contacted us for our expertise in creating accessible toilet and changing facilities for adults and carers.

By installing specialist equipment such as overhead hoists, height-adjustable wash basins and a retractable privacy screen, we helped create the most modern and up-to-date facility of its kind in Shrewsbury.

From design to registration, our team ensured that accessibility was at the heart of this project. The middle level of the shopping mall needed updating and brightening up, so we put in new floor tiles and warm colours to create a contemporary finish. Our team also installed new way-finding signage to make all the new services easier for visitors to locate and use.

The Challenge

Darwin Shopping Centre’s old facilities were dated, and with no Changing Places included, it limited their ability to be inclusive for those with profound disabilities.

Standard disabled toilets were inadequate for those who needed two carers to help them change and refresh safely, or for those who used a powerchair.

In order to overcome these challenges, a Changing Places facility was required.

Our aim was to design and install a Changing Places facility that not only met the needs of all disabled visitors, but to also create a comfortable and welcoming environment. It needed to include equipment such as a peninsular toilet to be a fully compliant, whilst maintaining an atheistic that wasn’t too clinical in style.

Innova’s Solution

From working with architectural engineers to create designs, to our service team installing specialised equipment, we looked after every aspect of the project. We delivered a Changing Places facility equipped with the latest healthcare equipment, enabling Darwin Shopping Centre to have a more inclusive and accessible venue for all.

  • 1 AirRise200 hoist unit and H-frame overhead hoist system to help improve patient accessibility and save caregivers’ time during transfers.
  • 1 height-adjustable changing bench that is wall-mounted, providing carers an accessible, elevated area to use without needing to bend and strain.
  • 1 height-adjustable wash basin to allow users to sit comfortably underneath the basin whilst also being able bear the weight of a standing user.
  • 1 peninsular toilet equipped with dropdown grab rails to facilitate wheelchair transfers or assistance from carers.
  • 1 retractable privacy screen to enhance user comfort and dignity.
  • 120” Wide paper roll dispenser.
  • 1 hand towel dispenser.
  • 1 soap dispenser.
  • 1 colostomy shelf.
  • 1 full height mirror.
  • 3 coat hooks.
  • 1 sling hook.
  • 1 sanitary waste bin.
  • 1 general waste bin.
  • 1 electric hand dryer.

Client Quote

“The new facilities are outstanding. This work was a significant investment, but it was well worth it – in my opinion our new toilets, family room and Changing Places facility are now the best in the region and will help attract people to the centre from Shrewsbury, Shropshire and beyond.”

Kevin Lockwood – Shrewsbury Shopping Centre Manager

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