Formidabel First Care Bed

Welcome to the pinnacle of care bed innovation – the Formidabel First. This exceptional care bed reshapes the landscape by seamlessly blending unprecedented safety with the ultimate freedom. Its Unique side protection system, characterized by modular design and advanced mesh fabric, ensures optimal safety with continuous adaptability. Residents revel in freedom, unrestricted by unnecessary limitations. Experience life simplified with innovative technology, including tool-free adjustments and a user-friendly handset. The Formidabel First not only sets new standards for care but also elevates comfort and ease of use. Explore the epitome of care excellence and redefine the way you approach resident well-being.

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Formidabel First Care Bed
Formidabel First Care Bed

4-Section Lying Surface Featuring Metal Slats

The Formidabel First care bed stands out with a 4-section lying surface featuring metal slats, width 90 cm. With a height adjustment range from 23 to 80 cm, integrated tool-free bed extension, and double castors with Ø 50 mm, this bed offers unparalleled functionality, safety, and adaptability for resident care.

Combines Innovation and Flexibility

The Formidabel First care bed combines innovation and flexibility with ease of use. Its Unique side protection system, exchangeable without tools, ensures safety and adaptability to various care situations. With a user-friendly handset and tool-free adjustments, this bed simplifies caregiving, enhancing the well-being of residents and caregivers alike.

Formidabel First Care Bed

Consultation and Assessment:

Schedule a discussion to understand your specific care needs and assess the requirements for the Formidabel First care bed.

Quotation and Customization:

Receive a detailed quote and customize the bed according to your specific preferences, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your care environment.

Installation and Adjustment:

Our experts will handle the installation, ensuring the Formidabel First is seamlessly integrated into your care facility. Adjustments are made on-site to meet individual user needs.

Training and Support:

Experience a smooth transition with comprehensive training provided for caregivers on using the bed's features. Ongoing support is available to address any questions or concerns.

Servicing & Maintenance

Enjoy continuous peace of mind with our servicing packages, ensuring the Formidabel First care bed remains in optimal condition. Regular maintenance supports longevity and reliability.

Formidabel First seamlessly integrates safety and freedom for residents.

The Unique side protection offers continuous adjustment, ensuring resident comfort.

The handset simplifies care tasks, making everyday scenarios easily accessible.

The Unique system offers continuous adjustment for optimal safety and comfort.

Yes, the bed can be extended effortlessly without the need for tools.

The handset allows seamless selection of various everyday scenarios for user convenience.

Yes, it is compatible with accessories such as the Unique side protection system for added functionality.

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