Interlude V3 Hospital Bed

Welcome to the pinnacle of hospital bed innovation – the Interlude V3. Crafted for dynamic healthcare environments, this bed seamlessly combines modern design with unparalleled functionality. The compass elevation system, powered by resilient linear actuators, ensures steadfast stability while catering to the nuanced needs of patients and caregivers. With electric precision, it delivers a user-friendly experience, prioritizing patient comfort and overall well-being. The Interlude V3's advanced features, such as an X-Ray transparent backrest and pre-programmed positions, redefine patient care standards. Explore a new era of hospital bed excellence with the Interlude V3 – where innovation meets compassionate healthcare.

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Interlude V3 Hospital Bed

Cutting-Edge Specifications

The Interlude V3 Hospital Bed boasts cutting-edge specifications for optimal patient care. With a maximum length of 2220 mm and a total width of 1010 mm, it ensures patient comfort. The bed base, adjustable from 425 mm to 840 mm, is complemented by a diverse range of angles for the backrest, leg rest, and Trend/Reverse Trend, guaranteeing versatile functionality. The bed's Safe Working Load (SWL) of 265 kg further underscores its robust design.

Fully Equipped

Equipped with linear actuators featuring IP66 protection, the Interlude V3 bed offers a robust elevation system. Its HPL hand-removable bed base, divided into four sections, ensures easy customization. With an extendable bed base reaching up to 30 cm, the bed prioritizes patient well-being. The bed's innovative design includes safety features like four bumpers on each corner and a centralized braking system.

Interlude V3 Hospital Bed

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