How much does a modular Changing Places cost?

Posted on 24 April 2024 in Changing Places

For people with disabilities, Changing Places toilets are essential for a dignified and safe experience. However, the process of installing a traditional Changing Places toilet, including considerations like modular Changing Places cost, can sometimes have its own hurdles to overcome, especially if an existing building doesn’t have the space or planning permission to include them.

That’s why modular Changing Places toilets are increasing in popularity, enabling venues to have an external facility that meets regulatory standards whilst making outdoor public spaces more accessible. As one of the leading Changing Place suppliers, we are often asked by businesses, local authorities and charities about how much does a modular Changing Places cost?

Scroll down below to read our full blog to discover the costs involved to install a modular Changing Places toilet, why they can be more cost effective than a standard facility and how they can generate income for your venue.

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Modular Changing Places cost at Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Modular Changing Places help outdoor venues like the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo become more accessible.



How Much Do Modular Changing Places Cost?

Modular Changing Places are becoming a more popular option to enhance accessibility thanks to the ease and speed at which they can be delivered. Causing minimal disturbance, the toilet pod can be delivered on a truck and slotted into place onto a prepared base in half a day, with the services already in place.

There are a number of specialist providers that offer modular Changing Places services, with pricing varying depending on specification. At Innova, our complete modular Changing Places package, including bespoke options, starts from around £50,000 for the design, installation and registration.

Before a modular Changing Places toilet can be installed, groundworks must be carried out to prepare the site. It is vital that you have that work carried out by a professional contractor to enhance safety and increase the durability of the structure by having a solid foundation.

Once your facility has been installed, the Innova team will provide the necessary checks, training and handover for your venue, ensuring it is compliant with industry standards and giving you peace of mind by having it registered by the Changing Places Consortium.


Modular Changing Places Toilets at Whiteley Shopping Centre

Complete modular Changing Places packages, including bespoke options, start from around £50,000 for the design, installation and registration.


How can a modular Changing Place be more cost-effective?

Most Changing Places toilet installations involve the adaptation of an existing internal space to provide a venue with greater accessible facilities. These vary from changing an existing bathroom, or turning an unused room into a compliant Changing Place. Before any work is carried out, it is essential that you get a site survey booked with your supplier so they can assess the suitability of the space chosen.

Results from a site survey can have a huge influence on costs, especially on the required building works. A full internal adaption with building works can cost a minimum of £20,000 and rise to over £100,000 depending on the scope of works involved. Given the fact that some buildings may have internal space that could be an awkward shape or difficult to access, a modular Changing Places can provide a cost-effective solution.

Designed to be compact and cost-effective, modular Changing Places don’t need the same amount of materials required to construct them. Built fully off-site, they save you time in terms of waiting for delivery and installation. As they are installed outside, it also prevents any disruption inside of your venue that could reduce footfall, especially for venues such as cinemas and arenas.


Modular Changing Places

Modular Changing Places can provide a more cost-effective solution, especially for venues with limited internal space.


How can modular Changing Places generate income for your venue?

The Purple Pound – the spending power of disabled people and their families – has risen to a staggering £274 billion, but many organisations and businesses are yet to tap into this growing market. Over 14 million people in the UK have a disability, yet far too many venues are failing to meet the needs of visitors and customers.

Here are some headline figures to illustrate this issue:

  • One in five potential UK consumers have a disability.
  • UK businesses lose approximately £2 billion a month by ignoring the needs of disabled customers.
  • Taking averages per head, the online spending power of disabled people is estimated at over £16 billion.
  • 75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a UK business because of poor accessibility.



The Purple Pound

The Purple Pound is worth an incredible £274 billion.


By installing a Changing Place, you are upgrading your event to cater for people with even the most complex of care needs. With a modular Changing Place, venues and attractions based outdoors can open their doors to those who previously couldn’t visit due to a lack of accessible facilities, helping increase footfall and revenue.




In this blog, we’ve discussed how much does a modular Changing Places cost, with Innova’s service costing from £50,000 for design, installation and registration. These facilities not only can deliver a more cost-effective solution for those venues with limited internal space, but they also can develop new avenues to enhance revenue and footfall.

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