Care home design trends for 2024

Posted on 16 April 2024 in Care Homes

Care home interior design trends are constantly redefining how we view the sector, and for 2024, there is a fresh wave of design movements that are taking shape. With any living environment that provides care, not only is it crucial to meet the functional and health needs of residents, it is also imperative to provide a sense of comfort, security, and belonging.

To help care providers see what the latest senior living design trends are, we’ve listed five of the design features that are in vogue, exploring why they are becoming more common and the benefits they bring to residents and staff.


1)    Nature-Inspired Interior Design


One of the most prominent and continuing trends that we are seeing for 2024 is the integration of nature into interior spaces. Often referred to as ‘Biophilic Design’, care facilities are incorporating more natural elements such as indoor gardens, living walls and large windows to flood spaces with natural light.

The reason for this? COVID-19 forced many individuals to stay indoors for prolonged periods during the pandemic, leading to a desire for more people to experience the outdoors.


Care Home Design Trends

Care homes are opting for more natural colours and design features to support resident wellbeing.


Care homes are regularly looking to bring the outdoors into their care homes by incorporating more natural finishes into their design. These often include adding wooden wall panels, linen curtains, leather furniture, and other natural finishes to mimic the outdoor experience that many individuals have been lacking.

By bringing in this natural elements, care environments can create a positive impact on both mental and physical well-being for staff and residents.


2)    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Features


In all care environments, sustainability is becoming a greater priority. Not only are care home looking at how they use energy to heat and light their facilities, they are also looking at the sustainability of all products, including areas of interior design like furniture.

Gone are the days when facility managers just looked at things like energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Now they are now interested in the process of where they source their furniture from, how environmentally friendly the materials are such as FSC-certified wood, whether it can be recycled once used.

Many care homes are specifying locally sourced materials and using manufacturers based in the UK to help reduce carbon emissions. Right across the healthcare sector, care environments are becoming more in tune with sustainability, acknowledging their own ecological footprint and creating a more cost-effective environment for residents.



Sustainability care home design trends



Care home interior design specialist, ThirdAge.Design, have a podcast delving further into the importance of sustainability in design, with Innova’s Tom Hulbert sharing his insights into supply chains for the care sector.


3)    Multi-Generational Spaces


Care homes and retirement living facilities are no longer isolated from the rest of society. Instead, they are undergoing a transformation to be multi-generational spaces, encouraging interaction between seniors and people of all ages.

As a result, these spaces provide opportunities for shared activities and a sense of community. It also encourages more families to visit on a regular basis, knowing that there are facilities designed for their loved ones who live there, but can also accommodate needs for people of all ages who visit.

An increase in the inclusion of coffee lounges, cafes and restaurants is systematic of this change in approach, incorporating interior design that is more contemporary and modern in style to reflect a multi-generational space.

In these areas you will see more bold colours and striking prints to relate to a more youthful demographic. However, these design elements can also be beneficial for older individuals, especially those with dementia. Through the use of bold colours and prints, such as an accent wall colour or wallpaper, it can support wayfinding and make it easier for residents with dementia to navigate their surroundings.


Whiteley Village Refurbishment

Care homes and retirement villages are opting to have spaces that appeal to different generations, helping create a more family-friendly environment.



4)    Personalised Living Spaces


Another of the interior design care home trends that sticks out for 2024 is facilities allowing residents to customise their living spaces, giving them the chance to show their tastes and preferences.

Rather than having a feeling that they live in care environment or a fancy hotel, care homes are becoming more open to customisation, helping give residents a greater sense of ownership and comfort.

In addition, care homes are also bringing in more bespoke and unique pieces, whether that is a statement piece of furniture or artwork, to fit in with the tastes of their residents and generate discussion points.


Care home personalisation


5)    Wellness and Fitness


Over the last few years, care homes and retirement living spaces have made a move to upgrade the types of facilities they have to offer. Whether it has been cinemas or games rooms, there is a growing trend to have environments that reflect the active lifestyles of residents.

When it comes to care home interior design trends for 2024, wellness and fitness are becoming front and centre of senior living design. Facilities, both for refurbishments and fitouts, are incorporating fitness centers, spa amenities, gyms and wellness programmes more than ever before, promoting a healthier and active lifestyle among their residents.

Hydrotherapy pools in particular are gaining more traction, both in terms of delivering a spa experience, but also delivering therapeutic benefits to reduce stress and increase mobility. Care homes and retirement villages can also get a return on investment, renting out their pool privately to bring in added income and cover running costs.

By elevating the range of facilities on offer, particularly for wellness, it makes a care environment a more vibrant place to live, creating a space where staff want to work, improving retention for care organisations.


Panel Hydrotherapy Pools




Care home interior design trends are always evolving, bringing in new inspirations to help create more comfortable and engaging living spaces. The latest design movements embody that thinking, combining functionality with contemporary styles to enhance comfort and belonging for residents, visitors and staff.

To find out more about how your care environment can benefit from the latest design features, use the contact form below to book a consultation with one of our advisors.

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