How to choose the right care bed

Posted on 22 June 2017 in Care Beds

Choosing the right care bed can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. For instance, you might be a hospice looking for a bed that offers profiling capabilities and siderails, without looking too clinical or hospital-like. We’ve put together this guide to help you work out which beds are suitable for your needs.

Care beds that look good

It might seem to be a pretty straightforward quality to ask for in furniture, but finding a care bed that actually looks good and homely can be tricky. The argument of functionality and aesthetics come up quite regularly in the world of healthcare equipment, but there are some beds that combine those two things to create a safe, secure, subtle piece of furniture.

The Eclipse range boasts 4 beds that have mastered this combination. Featuring electric profiling abilities and adjustable siderails, the Eclipse range can deliver an impressive range of care functions whilst remaining good-looking and discreet in any environment. All models in the Eclipse range are available in 10 different wood colours, and you can choose between 5 different bed ends to make your model as personalised as possible.

Care beds that reduce risk of injury from falling

Of course, falling out of bed is a big concern in care environments. People tend to use crash mats or bedrails to reduce the risk of injury, but these aren’t necessarily the most effective way of tackling a fall.

Low rise beds have been developed to minimise injuries sustained from falling out of bed; the low mattress platform means that the distance to the ground is significantly lower, therefore meaning that the individual is less likely to sustain serious injuries from a fall. Although this is a great development in the world of care beds, it also means that the overall design of a low rise bed is usually compromised by the need for high bed ends.

But there is one low rise bed that has removable low bed ends and a remarkable mattress platform height of just 10cm — the LowLine. Not only does the LowLine feature exceptional low rise abilities, it also includes the standard functions of a typical profiling bed. With the ability to adjust the kneebrake, backrest, and mattress height platform, this is an excellent option for any hospice or care home that requires an ultra-low profiling bed that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Like the Eclipse range, the LowLine is available in a range of wood colours.

Care beds with subtle siderails

As anyone who works in a care environment is aware of, siderails are designed to prevent falls from happening in the first place. Whether the care bed has bedrails built-in, or loose bedrails are being used in conjunction with a standard care bed, the overall goal to prevent falls from occurring. But standard siderails aren’t necessarily the most comforting, aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment on the market. Residents may feel ‘trapped’ by the metal bars, and if they’re not used or installed correctly, siderails can cause more injuries to the individual.

There is a solution to these common issues, and it comes in the shape of the Liberta profiling care bed. The Liberta features built-in mesh side panels that prevent the individual from falling out of bed, as well as offering a less clinical appearance than traditional metal siderails. These can easily be adjusted to any height, and they can be leant on when getting in and out of the bed with no worries about them moving. Of course the Liberta still offers standard profiling features to ensure that the resident is as comfortable and safe as can be without feeling imprisoned. The Liberta can be customised in a range of colours and finishes to blend into any existing environment.

Care beds for high dependency environments

Care beds that are to be used in high dependency environments like palliative care facilities and intensive care wards need to be equipped with every possible function that staff could need to ensure that the user is getting the best quality care there is. The bed should also be durable enough to deliver consistently high quality comfort and support at any point in time.

The Interlude hospital care bed range has been specifically designed, retuned, and manufactured to provide incredible support to both the user and the carer. With four models on offer, there is an Interlude for every need. From split siderails to make the user as protected and accessible as possible, through to the quick release head and footboards for easy cleaning, the Interlude range has been made to make the jobs of healthcare professionals much easier. The Interlude Newcare V3 is the most recent model, and boasts a range of features like improved infection control along with all the usual positioning features you’d expect in a profiling bed.



You might that you have a variety of features you’re looking for in a care bed, but we find that focusing on the top 3 key things is the best way to find the ideal model for you. Whether you’re wanting an ultra-lowline bed, a reliable high dependency one, or a simply stunning design with profiling features, then we can help you find it.

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