Grab Rails

To help reduce the risk of falls at home or in a care environment, grab rails are essential in providing extra support and safety for those with reduced strength, poor balance and sight.

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NORMBAU Grab RailGiving You Peace Of Mind

Most grab rails are installed in the bathroom and more specifically, in the shower, allowing people to have stability and security in their everyday washing routine. Not only do they improve independence and reduce the fear of falls when getting in and out of the bath or shower, grab rails also help take the pressure off your joints or other painful body areas.

Without accessible grab rails, elderly people or those with disabilities may find it difficult to move around the house or in care environment, limiting their mobility and causing discomfort.

In collaboration with NORMBAU, we have a wide range of timeless and contemporary fittings made from high-quality polyamide and aluminium to suit your environment. Not only do we have an array of different designs and colour schemes, we also offer a number of different features that are perfect for accessible bathrooms with high aesthetic requirements.

From scratch-proof, powder-coated brackets and high-gloss chrome grip profiles, to grab rails finished with a corrosion-resistant steel core throughout, we are able to provide a bespoke solution to your care needs.

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Improving User Safety


Correct Positioning:

In order to provide users with the optimum benefit of a grab rail, correct positioning and a non-slip surface is crucial.

  • Vertical Positioning: This is perfect for a shower entrance, above a bath or within a wet room, as it enables you to stand from a bath seat or shower seat.
  • Horizontal Positioning: In this instance, a wall fixed rail approximately 10cm above the rim of the bath can be very useful for standing to get out of a bath.
  • Diagonal Positioning: For those who have weakness in their wrists, a slight downwards sloping rail is ideal as users can rest their forearms on it for extra support.

Slip Protection

Due to a lack of added environmental support, accidents involving elderly people slipping or falling are quite common. In fact, the National Council On Aging have reported that more than 1 in 4 adults age 65+ fall every year, causing huge pressure on emergency services.

By having grab rails installed at home or in a care environment, you can potentially prevent or significantly reduce the chances of falls. Our grab rails provide fantastic slip protection and stability, increasing safety and comfort for its user.

Taking Pressure Off Joints

One of the main benefits of a grab rail is their ability to take the pressure off weak or sore joints, including knees or ankles, when standing up or sitting down.

This is achieved by applying all of your weight onto the rails, simultaneously taking the weight off your joints as you raise or lower yourself. In addition, the grab rails also provide the user with added stability once in a standing position.

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