Fitted Furniture

A patient’s storage space is vital. It make them happy to know that their belongings are in a safe place nearby. Our fitted furniture is also particularly useful for caregivers and nurses, offering integrated medical services at their fingertips. This bespoke fitted furniture can offer your staff and patients peace of mind, whilst blending in with the room.

Fit for purpose

Our unrivalled expertise in bespoke fitted furniture has led us to create some of the most aesthetically pleasing, multifunctional healthcare products on the market.

We can create bespoke patient wardrobes and nursing stations that will fit perfectly into any hospital, hospice, or nursing home. Our designs can include medical services like oxygen and nurse call systems, and of course, our Integralift hidden hoist unit can be built into a bedhead system.

Our interior designer can co-ordinate colours and finishes to ensure that our fitted furniture blends seamlessly into the room.

Fitted Furniture Examples

Fitted Furniture Options

  • Cupboards & Wardrobes: Can be fitted with a lock if required. Various handle styles available.
  • Drawer Units: Various drawer sizes and depths can be specified. Various handle styles available.
  • Shelves: Shelves can be on display or inside cupboards, and can be glass, perspex, or laminated MDF.
  • Bespoke Lighting: We can incorporate a wide range of lighting, from mood lighting and light boxes, through to patient reading lights.
  • Drug Cabinets: Many options available including standard drug cabinets, and wheeled drug trolleys that fit inside a locked cupboard when not in use.
  • Integralift Hoist: The Integralift hoist can be included if you are looking to offer hoisting capabilities, whilst maintaining a homely environment. See our Integralift page to find out more.
  • Sanitary Bins & Laundry Trolleys: Can be fitted inside cupboard units.
  • TV Units
  • Electric Points
  • Fridges
  • Medical Gases & Services, Nurse Call Systems
  • Patient Lockers