Changing Places

As of the 1st of January 2021, most new public buildings are now legally required to install Changing Places facilities. These accessible toilets were created to meet the needs of disabled children and adults with complex care needs who require carer support, appropriate equipment and more space. Whether it’s for a shopping centre, football stadium, or a leisure centre, we can provide completely bespoke solutions to any building that needs a Changing Place.

We’ve proudly worked with the Changing Places Campaign towards this goal for over 10 years. Now, we’re proudly working alongside architects and business owners to create Changing Places in public places across the UK.

Our team can design, equip, and install a Changing Place that meets the needs of every user, and ticks all the boxes of the BS 8300-2:2018 regulations.

Changing Places Requirements

A Changing Place contains more specialist equipment than a standard accessible toilet.


  1. Overhead hoist system
  2. Height-adjustable bench
  3. Peninsular toilet
  4. Dropdown rails
  5. Height-adjustable basin
  6. Vertical grab rails
  7. Wide paper roll dispenser
  8. Retractable privacy screen
  9. Full-length mirror
  10. Paper towel dispenser
  11. Hand dryer
  12. General waste bin
  13. Sanitary bin
  14. Coat hooks
  15. Colostomy bag shelf
  16. Shower (optional)

As with all accessible toilets, an emergency alarm is also required.

Modular Changing Places

Not every building or venue has the ability to fit a Changing Place into their existing structure – that’s why we offer the option of a modular Changing Places facility! Modular Changing Place are pre-fabricated units that can be situated wherever needed to provide accessible toilet facilities for disabled users.

Built fully off-site, the facility can be installed in half a day onto a prepared base with services already in place, providing a quick and effective way of including a compliant Changing Place.

Using our product configurator, you can choose from a wide range of external finishes, internal wall finishes and flooring colours to match your existing building and environment. Once you have picked out your preferred options, you can request a quote from our sales team to discuss your Changing Place requirements.

Click on the tab below to use our product configurator.

Every Innova Changing Places package includes all required equipment as standard. We supply and install everything ourselves to ensure the finished room is fully compliant!


We create detailed layout elevation designs for each facility.

Choose your preferred design format:

  • Revit
  • Render
  • BIM
  • CAD
  • Room Walkthroughs

We can even personalise the room plan with your brand colours and logo. Really visualise the finished result before installation gets underway!

Case Studies

We’ve fitted out well over 100 Changing Places. So, we’ve got a solution for just about any scenario!


We worked with PAMIS and Portakabin to create this modular Changing Place facility! The standalone unit contains all the required equipment and overcame the gallery’s building restrictions.


Our team designed a bespoke solution that worked in the unique curved room. We supplied and installed the full turnkey Changing Place package for the fire station.

Complying with Building Regulations

Changing Places are now included in Document M and BS 8300-2:2018 building regulations.

Keeping up with this legislation involves more than having the right equipment! Size, positioning, sign-off and maintenance are all critical too. Our consultants handle every step of the process. We guarantee sign off for accreditation, and save you time and hassle along the way.

Here’s everything included in our full Changing Place package:


We’ll talk through all your requirements, timelines, and arrange a site visit if needed.


All drawings and layouts are created by our architectural engineer, in 2D and/or 3D.


We specify all equipment and our experienced team install on a date that suits you.


On completion, we’ll sign off your facility as compliant and ready for registration.


As part of your service contract, our engineers will perform regular LOLER tests.

More questions about BS 8300-2:2018?

Download our free compliance checklist:


There are over 250,000 people in the UK with brain injuries, Motor Neurone Disease, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy and other conditions that mean they need personal assistance to use the toilet or change continence pads. Standard accessible toilets simply do not have the facilities to make this possible.

Changing Places are a hygienic and safe facility, with enough space for disabled individuals and their carer(s) to use them with dignity and safety.

Learn more in our guide

A £30 million government fund to increase the provision of Changing Places toilets in existing public buildings.

The funding was announced in the 2021 Budget.

Learn more in our review of the budget announcement

Besides the new regulations and available funding, becoming more inclusive offers a whole range of business benefits:

  • Improved reputation in the community.
  • Positive press coverage and recommendations.
  • Increased visitor numbers and income.

Read more about the benefits of investing in inclusivity


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