The best patient lifting hoists for homes and private dwellings

Specifying patient lifting hoists for homes sometimes requires a little more consideration and thought in the way of layouts and aesthetics. In a client’s own house, you want to keep it feeling homely and welcoming rather than clinical or mechanical.

So choosing the right patient lifting hoists and layouts for the house in incredibly important to ensuring that your client can stay healthy and happy in their own home. Here are our suggestions.

Choosing patient lifting hoists for homes

Getting the right hoist for your client is key to making sure that they can make the most of their home and remain as mobile and independent as possible. The hoist needs to provide easy, safe transfers without sticking out or appearing too obvious.

We almost always recommend that you choose an overhead hoist system when specifying for a private client. Whilst mobile hoists might seem like a good option, they’re actually more difficult to use and don’t necessarily give the same amount of coverage.

Hidden patient lifting hoists

For clients who maybe need just a little coverage (for transfers to and from bed or the bath), then something subtle like the Integralift is a good option. It’s a hidden patient lifting hoist that folds away into a cupboard when it’s no longer needed.

The Integralift can be installed in a bedhead unit or a cupboard that blends in perfectly with any household décor. It’s also available in a variety of different finishes to compliment any colour scheme.

A woman laid on a bed in front of the Integralift.
The Integralift is hidden away in this bedhead unit and folds out and over the bed to provide hoist coverage.

Ceiling track hoists for homes

When someone needs more hoist coverage than the Integralift offers, a ceiling track system is your best bet. These use permanently fixed hoist tracks that are installed in the ceiling to allow the user to move all around the house.

If your client doesn’t need full room coverage, you can choose to add a monorail hoist system to your design instead. It’s fairly similar to a train track in that you can move along it in both directions and there are various drop-off points along the way.

A monorail can be used in hallways to connect rooms to other rooms. You can use extra components like track switches and turntables to give the user different options of where they can travel (you can find out a bit more about these solutions in this article).

When it comes to patient lifting hoists for homes, we mostly recommend that you choose a X-Y system (also called a H-frame). This option gives the client the ability to travel to full X and Y axes of the room with ease.

These systems consist of two fixed parallel rails with one traverse rail running perpendicular between them. The hoist unit is used on this rail to give the client access to the whole room.

X-Y hoist systems are also beneficial because they can still be used even if you change the layout of your furniture. A fixed monorail track doesn’t necessarily offer this.

X-Y systems are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas where the client will want to move around freely with no restrictions. For help choosing between a monorail or X-Y system, take a look at this blog post.

Discreet patient lifting hoists

If you choose to install an overhead hoist system in the client’s home, then you might want to take some extra steps to make sure that it’s as subtle as possible and doesn’t detract from the cosiness.

First of all, you can choose inset track rather than below-hung. This means that the hoist tracking is fitted flush to the ceiling which makes it much more discreet wherever it’s used in the house.

Some inset hoist track with a traverse rail spanning perpendicular.
Inset tracking is flush with the ceiling to feel more subtle and discreet in the room.

Another step you can take is to add a bespoke cabinet to the design which will hide the hoist unit when it’s not in use. This solution is exclusively for monorail systems.

But of course in terms of subtly and cosiness, the Integralift comes out on top due to its innovative design. You wouldn’t even know it was in the room!


Getting the best patient lifting hoists for homes will help your client to feel more at home and it will help them stay mobile and independent. We hope that these tips on the different options available will help you decide on the best system!