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Residential Adaptations & Powered Chairs

home adaptations

Our team have extensive experience in home adaptations handling everything from design to planning to installation, all confidently project managed by our team of specialists. Having delivered many home adaptations over the years, we are also specialists in installing domestic Hydrotherapy Pools.

Require A Powered Chair Assessment?
Our assessment typically involves the input of a multidisciplinary team, including the parents or carers of the client. Having a full understanding of the client’s physical, social and environmental needs, we then carry out an evaluation in order to ensure appropriate equipment is prescribed. We are specialists in Permobil powered chairs which we fine-tune to ensure each chair is prescribed to the individual.

Permobil – Postural Seating Expertise
A physical assessment is carried out to establish the client’s ideal seated posture. This is the crucial stage in the prescription of a custom contoured seating system. It is down to the skills and ability of our seating specialist, Ramsey Hulbert, who has over a decade of insights into ensuring  that high risk areas are identified, monitored and that the seating/chair is shaped appropriately  to make sure pressures are off loaded from, at risk, bony prominences and forces are redistributed to low risk areas.

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two point hoist

An overhead hoist can make all the difference in moving a person.

Enhancing Accessibility

Litigation can be a difficult and stressful process for all concerned and injured people often express the view that all they want to do is wind the clock back to the time before the injury and to put their lives back on track. Innova are well experienced in this area of expertise and know what is required to help improve the independence of an individual.

Having been involved for over a decade now in adapting homes, Innova’s goal is to provide simple solutions for individuals that are looking to enhance their accessibility at home, from accessible bathing equipment to hoisting solutions to domestic lifts to powered wheelchairs.

Innova Home Team

Meet The Team

Ramsey Hulbert – Specialist Equipment Advisor
Ramsey specialises in postural seating. Ramsey has over a decade of experience working with occupational therapists and clients in adapting client’s powered wheelchairs that are tailored to each individual requirement.

Jason Fulcher – Specialist Equipment Advisor
Jason specialises in hydrotherapy pools and hoisting. Jason works closely with architects, occupational therapists and clients, conducting site surveys to assess what requirements are needed for individual properties.

Megan Harrison – Sales Administration
Megan works very closely with Ramsey and Jason to deliver tailored solutions for individual clients.

We offer a range of different equipment options.

Equipment Specifications

Specialist healthcare equipment such as an overhead hoist system running from bedroom to bathroom to a height-adjustable basin, from grab rails to a walk-in bath, this can be the perfect solution when conventional bathroom equipment becomes more challenging and dangerous. You can retain the traditional feel of a homely bathroom, but access to it is so much easier and safer to use, transforming the independence of an entire family. Our collection of baths offers a wide range of options from sensory LED lights to jet streams which make the bathing experience that much more relaxing and enjoyable.


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