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Hydrotherapy Garden Rooms

You want the best hydrotherapy for you or your loved ones, so it’s important that you work with trusted experts. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hydrotherapy pools, delivering unique solutions to meet your needs.
The benefits of your own private hydrotherapy pool are enormous. It’s your own sanctuary where you can retreat from the world. There’s no need to travel or book sessions… just walk out into the garden and into a world of warmth, comfort and therapeutic relief.
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We understand your hydrotherapy needs

You, or your loved one, or your patient has a need for therapy or rehabilitation, and a HydroSpace is the answer.

We understand that this is an important purchase, so you want to work with experts who understand your needs – such as improving mobility and muscle tone or managing pain.

Of course, that doesn’t stop you from enjoying a dip or inviting friends round when the pool is otherwise not in use!

HydroSpace - A flexible hydrotherapy pool option

Most major house conversions, such as a new conservatory or a room rebuild to accommodate a pool, can involve a lengthy and stressful process.

HydroSpace, our innovative modular hydrotherapy pool building, provides another alternative. For those with limited internal space, our hydrotherapy garden rooms allow you to enjoy the benefits of aquatic physiotherapy without major disruption to your home.

Get your pool as quickly as possible

If you need hydrotherapy, you don’t want to have the hassle of having to sort out planning permission or getting a date when the builder is available to get your hydrotherapy pool.

With Innova, our team take the stress away by managing that process for you. From full site surveys to assess the planning permission needed and the costs involved, to looking after the construction, delivery and installation, our team help reduce time and cost so you can focus on immediately enjoying the therapeutic benefits.

Once the ground is prepared and services such as water and power are available, we will build, deliver and connect your HydroSpace building, with timescales depending on specification. 

Call us and we can advise you on what ground preparation is needed, steps to take for planning permission and how quickly we can get a modular hydro pool to your home.

Less mess and disruption to your home

We all know what it’s like having builders in the home. Weeks and months of dust everywhere, endless mess being walked into carpets, and noise throughout the day.

The wonderful thing about HydroSpace is that the pool structure and building is manufactured in a factory, well away your home. No rooms out of commission, no disruption to your life.

Enjoy the good looks

Of course you want something that will look beautiful and blends in with your home.

Gone are the days of ugly pre-fabs or garden shed lookalikes! Our HydroSpace solutions are gorgeously designed and luxuriously fitted out. Choose from a range of exterior finishes and colour schemes to create your dream aquatic physiotherapy retreat.

You can also customise your HydroSpace with more bespoke additional features including jets, lights, music, Wi-Fi, changing benches and hoisting.

Enjoy a safe and healthy environment

Your (and your loved one’s) health is vitally important, especially if any of you are particularly vulnerable.

Like most Innova hydrotherapy pools, the pool within a HydroSpace building is made from stainless steel. It is intrinsically easier to clean than concrete or plastic pools, the smooth surfaces mean that there are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria can gather, reducing risk of bacterial growth.

Sustainable solutions and lower running costs

You are also helping the environment (and your pocket!). Featuring an energy efficient pump and integrated plant room, HydroSpace ensures heat is retained and reduces the amount of energy and cost required to heat your hydrotherapy pool.

When the day eventually comes when your HydroSpace has warmed its last litre of water and it is ready to be decommissioned, many of the materials, particularly the stainless-steel pool itself, are recyclable.

Jason Fulcher Innova Care Concepts

Jason Fulcher

Specialist Equipment Advisor

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What temperature is the water in a hydrotherapy pool?

It doesn’t matter whether you call it a hydrotherapy pool, a float therapy pool for the home, or a private hydro pool for the disabled, the basic principles are the same: it is a pool where the water is kept between 33C to 36C, which is warmer than a normal swimming pool, and which has massaging jets built in.


The water temperature is important. Users often have limited mobility, and unlike swimmers in a normal pool are less able to maintain a core body temperature through vigorous exercise if the water is cooler.

Is a hydro pool the same as an aqua pool?

Because of the way hydrotherapy for the infirm or disabled is delivered, we see it called many things – aquatic pool therapy, float massage therapy, physio swimming therapy and more. It’s all the same thing.


The only exception where confusion can arise is for swim therapy pools. In most cases, when anyone talks about a swim therapy pool they mean a hydrotherapy pool; however, swimming itself is a genuine therapy, so sometimes people are referring to larger pools where the physical exercise of swimming is important.


So, let’s be clear on the definition.


Hydrotherapy is a whole-body therapeutic treatment, where the resistance of the water when moving exercises the individual. Importantly, unlike other resistance based exercise (such as weights), the body is supported by the water which reduces the stress on joints. And it’s fun!


It’s because of the supporting nature of floating in water that this is often called flotation therapy.

What conditions can a hydrotherapy pool help with?

As a therapy, it can help with many conditions:
• Pain relief, such as back pain, joint pain or muscle pain
• Reduction of muscle tone
• Reduction of swelling
• Improvement to poor circulation and general improvement to cardio-vascular fitness
• Improved flexibility and range of movement, including post-operation therapy for hips, knees and other joints
• Symptom relief for arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis
• Lowered stress, anxiety and high blood pressure


The medical community have a saying – motion is lotion! In other words, the more you can move around, the better your physical and mental condition will be. And moving around in water is one of the safest ways to get that exercise.

Is hydrotherapy just about being in warm water?

However, hydrotherapy treatment is not just popping into a warm pool and moving around a bit, hoping to get some rehabilitation. It is directed therapy with a physiotherapist (in fact, normally two of them or a physio and a helper). They are experts in the relevant condition and the kind of physio exercise and movement that is needed to provide the therapeutic benefit.


A second important element is the water jets, which provide a massage (which is also why people often call this flotation massage therapy).


We are experts in hydrotherapy pools, and that expertise has led to the development of our unique HydroSpace – a private modular hydro pool for the home. So, if you are looking for flotation therapy, float therapy pools, aqua pools or anything else, you have come to the right place.

Are modular hydrotherapy pools expensive?

At £300,000, a HydroSpace is certainly more expensive than a swimming pool! But if you want a swimming pool, you basically dig a hole in the ground, line it and fill it with water – a hydrotherapy pool, particularly one that you can take with you when you move, is so much more.

Swimming pools are often ambient temperature, whereas a hydro pool must be heated. And not just lukewarm, but to body temperature. It needs hoists to help use user get in and out, jets for massage, and changing areas.

These are pools are a bespoke, premium product, so when you consider the specification, installed equipment and ability to take it with you, it’s actually very reasonably priced.

What are the advantages of a private hydrotherapy pool?

Hydrotherapy, particularly under the guidance of a physio, provides significant therapeutic value.


However, access to hydrotherapy pools is limited, partly because pool time has to be booked, and partly because two trained individuals (normally the physio and a helper) are needed for each session.


That means that even if you or your loved one would benefit from regular hydrotherapy, you might not be able to access it.


Having your own private hydro pool solves that problem. You can have daily sessions for the rest of your life if that will make a difference to the quality of your life. Going down the modular build route for your private therapy pool means you can take it with you, even if you move house.

What planning permission is needed for modular hydrotherapy buildings?

With any hydrotherapy pool installation, a site survey is required to assess what is required in regards to planning permission. As part of our service, our team will carry this out for you, supporting you and your wider care team to put together the correct information and documentation.  

If you do need council approval for a pool, then how long does that take?

Approval from a council for your HydroSpace build could be expected to be delivered between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the circumstances. Planning authorities are duty-bound to make decisions on applications quickly, and as such, there is a statutory determination period of 8 weeks for ‘straight forward planning applications’.

In cases where an Environmental Impact Assessment is needed, this period is extended to 16 weeks.

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