Bed Washing System

After poor hand hygiene, beds and mattresses are one of the highest transmitters of bacteria in hospitals. Most hospital beds in the UK are currently cleaned by hand, which only reduces micro-organisms by 35%. The Innova Bed Washing System is an automated bed washing system proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99%! This significantly reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

UK hospitals could save thousands of lives and millions of pounds by automating their bed washing processes with the Bed Washing System. Unlike other automated bed washing tunnels, it doesn’t use chemicals.  Instead, the innovative system, brought to you in partnership with Weber Hospital Systems, uses precision robots and high-temperature steam to provide a consistent and controlled quality of thermal disinfection. It is the only system on the market that can clean and disinfect IPX4 (non-washable) beds. Beds can be washed, dried, and ready for patient use in 6 minutes – no manual cleaning required.

Innova, in partnership with Weber Hospital Systems, have brought the Bed Washing System to the UK. Watch the video above to see how the system works at Herlev Hospital

Here is a quick overview of the savings you can make


If you pull together all the savings the Bed Washing System can provide in different areas in a 600-bed hospital, the savings could be as much as £616,000 over 10 years!

Enhance Sustainability

Due to its efficient cleaning process and low consumption, the Bed Washing System helps lower the environmental impact of hospitals.

  • 35% lower CO2 emissions than with other bed washing machines.
  • No harmful chemicals or chemical additives.
  • Automatic bed maintenance and inspection reminders enhance equipment lifespan.

Safe & User Friendly

The Bed Washing System uses a fully automated cleaning process. Staff no longer have to perform the physically demanding action of dissembling, washing, and reassembling beds by hand.

  • Reduced risk of staff injury or skin irritation from cleaning agents.
  • Increased time for patient-centred care.
  • Operated using a simple control panel.

Despite the application of innovative technical systems, the Bed Washing System is easy to use and operate!

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