Meet the Team

Our tight-knit team work hard day-in day-out to across the country to ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied. Here are some of the key members of the Innova team:

Tom Hulbert


As Managing Director of Innova, Tom oversees practically everything that we do. With an unrivalled passion for providing efficient and effective healthcare equipment, Tom ensures that our company maintains its vision of becoming the UK’s fastest growing patient care equipment organisation every year.

Tom also works on case management and litigation projects, building partnerships with private occupational therapists, case managers, architects, and solicitors.

Fact: You might not think it these days, but Tom used to be an avid runner. He now prefers evenings of relaxation.

Bob Oliver


As our patient hoist and hydrotherapy pool designer, Bob works with architects, specifiers, contractors, and other parties to build cutting-edge, functional, and stand-out care environments. His knowledge and passion have seen him work on some of the largest patient hoisting projects in the UK’s history.

Please do not: Spill your coffee on his fancy shoes. If you can’t see your face in them, he won’t wear them! Being smart is essential to Bob.

Cory Keir


Cory’s cheerful can-do attitude is renowned throughout the construction industry! He’s ever willing to help with any situation, ensuring clients are kept informed, up-to-date, and more than pleased. Traces of his time spent as a Royal Engineer can be noted in his excellent time-keeping and organisational skills.

Interests: Motorbikes and pubs. He’d love to find a way to enjoy them both at the same time!

Joe Hulbert


Joe primarily works with hospices and hospitals advising them on pressure care and beds and mattresses, along with full care environment fit-outs. He’ll never take no for an answer, and has been known to get the occasional hug off hospice staff!

Watch out: Joe’s calm and collected demeanour can metamorphose into competitive caveman instincts whenever he enters our table tennis room!

Ramsey Hulbert


Ramsey’s eye for detail and creativity make him an excellent person to have on your team when it comes to case management and litigation work. He’ll go one step beyond to create a perfectly homely environment that offers complete accessibility and safety to the client, and if he can’t find the perfect product, he’ll probably create it instead!

Did you know: Ramsey’s a natural when it comes to DIY, which is very handy for modifying power chairs and other items to suit the client’s needs!

Gary Robson


Gary heads up our Customer Services department and liaises with clients all over the country. His polite, can-do attitude makes him a delight to deal with! Gary’s always happy to help with whatever problem no matter what department it’s in. And miraculously, he still manages to find time to do the office tea-run even when he’s busy!

Strong Heritage: Gary is a proud Yorkshireman, and you’ll never convince him that any other counties are better!

Tristan Hulbert


As the head of the marketing department, Tristan is an innovator at heart and loves thinking creatively, so it’s no surprise that he finds product development so rewarding! His passion for intuitive design means that he always brings fresh ideas to the table to make sure that we’re constantly creating the finest patient care equipment on the market.

Be warned: You can’t talk to Tristan before his two morning coffees, otherwise you might only get a grunt. (he’d like to have three but he gets the jitters!)

Lucie Hudson


A lady of many words and opinions, we dread to think how many words have been typed by Lucie. In fact, she broke her first keyboard in the first week of starting at Innova! Lucie’s keen eye for research means that her articles are widely sought-after by numerous magazines. She also keeps us all in check in the office – whether’s it’s by reminding us of deadlines or silencing us with a few witty remarks!

Interesting Fact: Lucie loves travelling, and she spent a year living in San Francisco, California!

Tim Taylor


You can always tell when Tim is in our office because he’s usually humming or singing a made-up tune! His patience and customer service skills make him an outstanding engineer, as does his happy-go-lucky outlook. Tim’s product knowledge is excellent, and you can always find him making a big mug of tea whenever he’s in the kitchen.

Lost at Sea: Tim and his friends once decided it would be a good idea to try and row to France in a couple of dinghies setting off from Scarborough. They got quite far out and then were sent back by the coastguard! 

Gordon Hulbert


Gordon is hardly a stereotypical Finance Director – his loud, outspoken nature means that everyone knows when he enters the office! Life will never be boring for Gordon with his innumerable interests which include gardening, antiques, and wine.

Watch out: Gordon’s short attention span has led him to put salt in a cup of tea before, so always check what he gives you!

John Hulbert


A man of detail with an element of persistence, John takes the time to ensure that we’re up to date, compliant, and doing things the right way. This resolve isn’t limited to the workplace – he’s passionate about walking, and he’ll still be conquering Ben Nevis on his 80th birthday.

Favourite Drink: Most ales (but Yorkshire ales are best).

Ralph Hulbert


Glance at Ralph’s monitor as you walk past, and you’ll see scores of Excel workbooks, charts, and figures. Ralph’s responsible for keeping the management team up to date with the latest results.

Fun Fact: Ralph is by far the most musical in the company, and he can play the piano, cello, guitar, bass, and probably many other instruments that he hasn’t even tried yet!

Alex Copley


Alex looks after our purchase ledger, and her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with. You can usually hear her giving some of our team friendly jibes; woe betide if you don’t submit your expenses report on time!

Be warned: According to Alex the office is always “too cold”, so don’t be alarmed if you see her wrapped in a blanket clutching a hot water bottle – it has been known!