Meet the Team

Our tight-knit team work hard day-in day-out to across the country to ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied. Here are some of the key members of the Innova team:

Tom Hulbert


As Managing Director of Innova, Tom oversees practically everything that we do. With an unrivalled passion for providing efficient and effective healthcare equipment, he ensures that our company maintains its vision of becoming the UK’s fastest-growing care equipment organisation every year. We believe in creating world-leading care and Tom is the driving force behind that.

Fact: You might not think it these days, but Tom used to be an avid runner. He now prefers evenings of relaxation.

Bob Oliver


As well as playing a key role in R&D and product development for Innova’s future, Bob is our patient hoist and hydrotherapy pool specialist. He works with architects, specifiers, contractors, and other parties to build cutting-edge, functional, and world-leading care environments. His knowledge and passion have seen him work on some of the largest patient hoisting projects in the UK’s history.

Please do not: Spill your coffee on his fancy shoes. If you can’t see your face in them, he won’t wear them! Being smart is essential to Bob.

Joe Hulbert


Joe oversees the sales team, ensuring all reps have the latest industry and product knowledge, making sure all clients are fully satisfied.  His clear planning ad leadership keeps everyone on track and on target!

BBQ King: One of Joe’s great passions in life is his BBQ. He’s a lean, mean, grilling machine and cooks a Michelin Star worthy steak!

Clive Oliver


Clive works alongside the NHS and Private Sector Healthcare providers, supporting these companies in their goal to provide better healthcare for those in need.  Delivery a wide variety of projects from ward furniture upgrades to large bed replacement roll-out programs to asset management and tracking projects.

Interests: When Clive isn’t delivering the innovative, can-do attitude of Innova, he has a passion for the outdoors.  Getting out and cycling whenever he can – he’s even been known to try his hand at power kiting in the past!

Ramsey Hulbert


Ramsey’s eye for detail and creativity make him an excellent person to have on your team when it comes to case management and litigation work. He’ll go one step beyond to create a perfect homely environment that offers complete accessibility and safety to the client, and if he can’t find the perfect product, he’ll probably create it instead! Ramsey looks after Scotland and the North, so be sure to look out for him!

Did you know: Ramsey’s a natural when it comes to DIY, which is very handy for modifying power chairs and other items to suit the client’s needs!

Jason Fulcher


Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jason is determined to find the perfect solution for any problem. He’s positive, proactive, and passionate – which means he fits in perfectly with the Innova team! Jason works with clients, case managers, and independent occupational therapists all around the South to help prescribe the best equipment for home adaptations.

Fun Fact: Nothing is ever too much of a challenge for Jason; he once drove through the River Nidd just to prove that he could!

Cory Keir


Cory works alongside case managers, architects and contractors, supporting clients in their goal of creating aesthetically pleasing specialist equipment.  Cory’s main aim is to make sure homes feel homely.  To do this, Cory recommends the best overhead track hoists, baths, sinks, toilets, beds and pools to make sure all needs are catered for in the most subtle way.

Interests: Motorbikes and pubs. He’d love to find a way to enjoy them both at the same time!

Megan Harrison


Megan has the challenge of providing PA and sales support to Ramsey and Jason. With both of them having busy schedules, Megan never has the opportunity to get bored! Whilst she can sometimes be found with her head in her hands despairing at the number of tasks coming in (especially on a Friday) her team can always rely on her to get the job done.

Down Time: Megan likes nothing more than a comfy sofa, background music, a roaring fire and a glass of wine (or 2) while she devours a good book.

Daniel Devenish


Dan works with architects, specifiers, contractors and other parties to build cutting-edge, functional and world-leading care environments.  Dan is focussed and passionate about maintaining and growing client relationships and being the go-to person for hydrotherapy pools and patient hosts.

Also: Dan never used to enjoy running, until the first lockdown; now he can run over 10km every week!

Ewan Goodenough


Ewan oversees the delivery of all orders and projects in Innova’s portfolio, providing support and guidance to the Innova PM team. Working with clients, architects and main contractors to provide solutions and overcome technical hurdles keeps Ewan busy. He’s hard to catch when he’s not working on projects he is looking at how we can drive continuous improvement in the processes for both project management and on-site installations.

Scott Goodenough


Scott has overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning and resourcing of various projects.  But, not only that, he monitors the execution and closure of these projects too.  His favoured saying goes “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – in assisting the customers to reaching their desired result, he is one of those valuable parts.  In short – he gets stuff done!

Ashley Elliott

Ashley ensures that all projects are running on time and to budget.  Our projects can be anything from large hospitals to peoples homes, so gathering all the information so everyone involved is informed and happy.  Ashley says its a good feeling knowing that the equipment we’re installing is having a positive impact on a person’s life.

Seasoned Pro: When Ashley isn’t in the office, music and football take up a lot of his free time.  In the last 25 years, Ashley has written, recorded and performed with numerous bands and artists!

Claire Parker


Claire is responsible for the administrative support for the project delivery team, along with developing new procedures to assist with the growth of the team

Did you know: Clair is in the middle of renovating her house! When she isn’t decorating she enjoys travelling and trying new foods, oh and don’t forget a glass of prosecco (or two!)

James Witham


James has experience in project managing for large scale contracts in Education, Healthcare and the Commercial sector.  He joined Innova to assist in the project management of the growing hydrotherapy pool sector.  By using his background knowledge in construction, engineering and project management, James ensures all equipment is coordinated into the build in a timely and organised manner.  

Also: James likes to spend his free time sailing at Yorkshire Dales sailing club, and sea fishing on the east coast! If he isn’t fishing he is assisting his family in caring for their growing collection of pets.  So far they have two dogs four guinea pigs, one hamster and a bearded dragon!

Almanzo Hulbert


Almanzo works with Hospices and interior designers to build world leading care environments – from pressure care mattresses and beds through to loose and fitted furniture etc…  Get in touch if there is a Hospice new build or refurbishment!

Did you know: Almanzo used to be an avid fan of sports – from athletics to football.  Now an evening with a drink and a takeaway seems more appealing.

Fraser Tennent


Fraser works with interior designers and care home managers supplying and installing luxury ‘hotel like’ FF&E – in addition to all the specialist equipment we offer.

He’s passionate about our customers and good design and is not the quietest person when he’s in the office..

Interesting facts:  He’s trying to learn Swedish and worked in the fashion industry for over a decade before joining us.

Katie Ingleby


It’s never a dull day with Katie around. She spends half the week in our office and the other half of her week is spent chasing her daughter and three dogs around! Always polite and very self-driven, Katie is our worker bee – so much so that she often forgets to stop for lunch.  This year she is on maternity leave until 2022 after welcoming Baby Ingleby over Christmas!

On the beat: Did you know that Katie used to be a police officer? She’s always got an interesting story to tell us about when she was on the force!

Derek Oliver


Derek heads up the fast-growing Innova Changing Places division, working with and supporting Architects, Specifiers, Clients and Contractors in designing and delivering fully compliant, safe and comfortable Changing Places facilities.  Knowing that we are playing a part in broadening the opportunity for Disabled Persons to be able to travel and attend venues in the confidence that there are facilities to attend to their needs in dignity within a dedicated environment, is a rewarding and motivating experience.

Did you know: Derek enjoys being outdoors with his family, especially in the dales He has even (once!)done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

Warwick Oliver


Warwick’s full of energy and happy to help with anything. He works with clients, architects and contractors to build world leading care environments in public places.  Warwick can do anything he turns his hand to and is passionate about delivering the best customer service possible – which means he fits in perfectly with the Innova team!

Watch Out: Warwick once represented the North of England for the javelin, throwing an impressive 44.60 metres!

Mansoor Ahmed


For the last 12 years, Mansoor has done all things ‘Projects accounting’. At Innova, he handles everything from transactional processing to budgeting, forecasting, cash flow forecasting and reporting the monthly business performance into the board of directors.  Mansoor oversees our finance department to ensure it’s all running smoothly. He even has letters after his name as a member of CIMA!

Did you know: Mansoor is originally from a quiet town in central Scotland, but now his spare time is spent occupying his young family.

Ralph Hulbert


Glance at Ralph’s monitor as you walk past, and you’ll see scores of Excel workbooks, charts, and figures. Ralph’s responsible for keeping the management team up to date with the latest results.

Fun Fact: Ralph is by far the most musical in the company, and he can play the piano, cello, guitar, bass, and probably many other instruments that he hasn’t even tried yet!

Fran Jones


Fran works in the accounts team, she looks after the Purchase Ledger, Bank Reconciliation and anything else the finance team sends her way!

Watch Out: In her spare time, Fran enjoys clay pigeon shooting & playing a lot of darts!

Dan Carver


Dan heads up the Procurement Department here at Innova, working closely with our supply partners and providing internal support to the team to ensure the company can deliver the best possible result for our clients.

Interests: Dan is a very keen golfer – most weekends will be spent on the golf course. He looks forward to teaching his young son the joys of the ‘beautiful game’.

Leanne Godfrey


Leanne looks after our website and all of our social media channels – so if there’s something you’d like to see on the blog then she’s the one to ask! When she’s not typing away writing new content, she’s got her head down doing research and analysis to come up with new ways to help customers understand what Innova do and how we can help them.

Did you know: Leanne is very competitive when it comes to fantasy football, though her lack of hand-eye coordination means she’s less keen to get involved in the office table football tournaments!

Tylah Evershed


Tylah works alongside Leanne working on content for the website, blogs and newsletters.  If she’s not working on a blog or newsletter she is probably designing a brochure or editing a presentation for one of the team!

Michael Wood


Michael creates content for our website and for all of our social media channels, including blogs, case studies and promotional videos. When he isn’t putting together new and innovative bits of content, he is looking at ways to raise brand awareness and help Innova grow on all their digital platforms.

Did You Know: Before joining the marketing team, Michael used to be a broadcast journalist, covering various sports for TV and radio stations in Yorkshire

Joe Clark


Joe travels all over the country for us servicing and maintaining our clients’ equipment to make sure it’s in tip-top working condition. And when he’s not out on the road, he’s back in the office filing his service reports and enjoying a good cup of tea. He’s great to have around and is always happy to help out in the warehouse!

Did You Know: Joe loves rugby league and supports his hometown team – Hull FC!

Duncan Simpson


Duncan trains our clients on how to operate and maintain their Innova equipment and carries out quality inspections of our equipment and workmanship during the installation process. 

And: Duncan enjoys the great outdoors and activities such as golf, running and generally just keeping fit.

Gary Robson


Gary heads up our Customer Services department and liaises with clients all over the country. His polite, can-do attitude makes him a delight to deal with. Gary’s always happy to help with whatever problem no matter what department it’s in. And miraculously, he still manages to find time to do the office tea-run even when he’s busy!

Strong Heritage: Gary is a proud Yorkshireman, and you’ll never convince him that any other counties are better!

Rozena Harmer


Rozena is kept very busy answering customer enquiries, solving customer problems, taking orders, service bookings, raising sales orders and purchase orders…You understand she has a lot to do!

And: She is also the team’s ‘Chief Tea Maker’, which goes down a treat with the Yorkshire Lads!

Jared Ellis


Jared works alongside Ramsey and Jason, our Case Management & Litigation Projects Specialists, on improving lives through adapting almost any room to suit clients needs.

Keen Foodie: Jared will travel far and wide for a donner kebab.  He once travelled 93.5 miles just to reach his favourite kebab shop!


Chetwyn Devenish


Chetwyn works alongside Clive in the Loose Hospital Furniture & Redistribution department and also provide business development support for Warwick and Derek on the changing places team.

Did You Know: Chetwyn’s love of drumming came at the age of 3 when he spent his time drumming on pots and pans! He first performed on the drums at the age of 8.  But Chetwyn is also very partial to a good game of cricket.

Leif Soulsby


Leif works across the business, focusing on both sales and commercial.  Working with Bob on the installed equipment, such as hydrotherapy pools and ceiling track hoisting systems.  Leif also works in R&D, bringing new product ranges in for the future of the company.

Also: In his spare time, Leif likes to cook a good ‘ol steak (or anything food related) and take a breather with a range of sports.

Tom West


Tom is our resident artist and he handles our CAD, BIM and Revit drawings.  With a masters in Architectural Engineering, he can handle just about anything relating to the drawing up of accessible building design.  Tom’s designs allow clients to look at their hoisting, Changing Places facilities, and other accessible areas before they are even built!

And: Tom competed nationally for ski racing, and runs a pizza blog!

Barney Davis


Barney produces our CAD drawings and design layouts for all the accessible areas we provide.  With a degree in Civil Engineering, he has a good grasp on most things building-related and can draw up just about anything.

And: Barney loves outdoor sports, skiing in the winter, and wakeboarding in the summer.  He has also completed multiple skydives!