Volker Hospital Bed Range

It’s difficult bridging the gap between profiling beds and full-on hospital beds. Your patient might have more complex needs, but that doesn’t mean you want a stereotypical-looking hospital bed. This is where the Volker range steps in.

These Volker beds have been hand-picked for their versatility and innovative features that make patient care as easy and straightforward as possible.

Every model has a built-in patented MiS Micro-simulation System mattress platform that helps to improve patient comfort and quality of sleep. The surface can detect even the slightest of movements and adapt the bed and mattress to meet the patient’s needs.

Available in many different finishes and colours, it’s easy to customise the Volker beds so they will fit in anywhere.

Exclusive UK Volker Dealers

Innova is the exclusive supplier of the Volker (also known as Völker or Voelker) hospital range within the UK. We supply these beds all over England and Great Britain.

Volker beds are currently being used by:

  • Jersey Hospital
  • Clacton Hospital
  • Schoen Clinic London
  • Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
  • KIMS Hospital
  • East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Volker S964 Low Bed

The S964 is a low hospital bed that gives patients the comfort and security and of knowing that their needs are catered to at all times.

Needing flexible positioning? The S964 features a wide range of adjustability that makes it as easy as possible to attain high-quality patient care.

With the ability to go down to just 29.5cm from the ground, the S964 is ideal for hospitals and other facilities where injuries caused by falls are a big issue. By keeping the bed at the lowest height when the patient is sleeping, you will help to reduce the severity of injuries that might be caused by them falling out of bed.

Even better, you can still access the central brake when the bed is at its lowest to make sure that it will stay in place or move with ease.

The S964 has a safe working load of 270kg and can be provided in a 100cm wide version for plus-sized patients. It’s also kitted out with large 150mm castors for effortless manoeuvring.

This care bed is also equipped with unique split siderails that are integrated into the mattress platform when not in use. This keeps them out of the way and out of sight.

And because they’re split siderails, they’ll profile with the bed, so the patient is always kept safe.

You can make the S964 the perfect bed for any patient thanks to various height siderails, integral length adjustment, and various accessories, different colours, and a range of bed ends available.

Volker S962-2

As far as acute care beds go, the S962-2 is a fantastic model that helps patients to move through various steps of mobilisation with ease and dignity.

The S962-2 bed is very flexible and can be adapted and changed to suit various patients. It’s available in 200cm and 210cm lengths for taller users and has 30cm of built-in length adjustability for even more coverage.

This bed is particularly quiet and easy to use, which is ideal for end-of-life care or critical care units. It also has 150mm castors for easy manoeuvring and mobility.

It’s also got a 250kg safe working load and is available in a 100cm width for bariatric users.

The S962-2 has been specially designed to make it as easy as possible to clean thanks to its column actuators. A fully washable version is also available for the highest level of infection control standards.

This care bed can also come with a range of accessories to make sure it’s well-equipped to suit your patients. The bed can also be made in various colours with different bed ends so it truly does fit in.

Make the most of the unique split siderail design that keeps patients well-protected in any position. These are then hidden away in the mattress platform itself when they aren’t in use.

Volker Vis-à-vis

The Vis-à-vis is one of the most unique beds we supply because it literally splits apart to allow the patient to move to the end of the platform and stand up!

The top part of the mattress platform moves out sideways to the footend of the bed, and teamed up with the incline of the backrest, the Vis-à-vis helps the patient come up into a seated position with their feet on the floor. From here, they can come up to a standing position with a carer’s help if necessary.

This feature helps to reduce any possible back pain or sheer that might usually be caused by transfers. It also promotes independence and increases the rate of recovery.

The Vis-à-vis practically eradicates the need for transfers to and from beds and chairs altogether!

This care bed can also be used on patients in all kinds of settings; neurological wards, palliative care, and even intensive care units.

You can create your own bespoke Vis-à-vis bed thanks to a wide range of accessories as well as different colour finishes and bed ends. The Vis-à-vis also features built-in siderails that tuck away into the mattress platform when not needed.

This bed is also easily manoeuvred thanks to larger 150mm castors.