Interlude Hospital Beds

Interlude 500 bariatric bed

Introducing the New Interlude 500

The only bariatric bed that can drop to 21cms off the ground while supporting a weight of 499 kgs, the Interlude 500 is advancing bariatric care with a medical bed that significantly increases the mobility and autonomy of the patient, while facilitating the work of healthcare givers.

The Interlude 500 medical bariatric bed combines both the form of a modern design with the functionality needed to assist care givers in giving superior levels of care to patients up to 80st/499kg in weight. It helps to reduce the risks associated with the manual handling of this patient group. Its built-in scale makes weighing easier, while its supporting capacity, robustness and bed exit detection system make it a safe and easy-to-use option. Aesthetic and enjoying a wide spectrum of length and width adjustments, the Interlude 500 is also an attractive option for standard weight patients.

The Interlude range truly makes a difference to both staff and patients.

Standard Features

The Interlude adjustable hospital beds range as designed and built to help with every aspect of patient care and comfort. It’s well-known that synchronise movement of thorax and leg sections reduces shear, pressure, and the risk of pressure ulcers. This is precisely why we want to make sure that our beds are equipped with built-in auto-regression, so that the bed and the mattress can move as one and exert a minimal amount of friction on the patient’s body. The Interlude range also includes a manual ratchet system or hydraulic gas strut adjustment on the leg section to facilitate a therapeutic position that helps to promote good circulation for long-stay patients. The backrest also has manual CPR quick release levers at both sides when needed in an emergency.

Our Interlude range also features:

  • Corner bumpers for protection of walls and furniture
  • Handy membrane controls and angle indicators built into siderails
  • Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg tilt and cardiac chair position
  • Mattress retainers
  • Extendable mattress platforms for taller users
  • Central braking system which is activated with a stainless-steel bar-pedal
  • Pull-out linen tray (doubles up as a useful table)
  • One handle quick release polypropylene head and footboards with quick-locking function
  • Advanced nursing control unit at the end of the bed
  • IV pole connection points at each corner
  • Narrower option available for tighter doorways
  • Paediatric models available


Options & Accessories

There are a variety of options and accessories for the Interlude range, including the following:

  • X-Ray plate 430x350mm
  • Balkan Frame in painted steel
  • Trapeze bar in painted steel
  • IV pole in painted steel
  • Emergency back-up battery
  • Extendable tray under footboard (linen shelf)
  • 4 Dual tread castors Tente (Ø: 150mm)
  • Night light under the bed
  • Foot pedal for height adjustment

One of the most popular additions to our Interlude beds is the fifth wheel option, which makes moving and turning the bed almost effortless. It’s completely automatic (so there’s no need to use a foot pedal), and it includes a damping system that absorbs any shock and avoids damage to the wheel when negotiating steps or uneven surface – like when moving the bed into a lift. What’s more, the 5th wheel has been cleverly constructed so that it’s conductive and can discharge any static electricity to the floor.

All our Interlude hospital beds blend in well with typical hospital furniture, ensuring that the environment looks and feels good.

Interlude Newcare

Available in Basic and Advanced models, the Interlude Newcare hospital beds utilise a four-bar linkage ‘scissor’ lifting system, which provides stability along the entire length of the bed. The Newcare Basic includes metal concertina siderails and a standard user hand control, making it a trusty, reliable option or any care environment.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, the Advance model incorporates the signature Interlude siderails with the built-in user controls, a more advanced nurse control unit, central braking, integral length adjustment, and an X-ray ready backrest. The Advance also has clip-off mattress platform sections for easy of cleaning.

Interlude Newcare V3

The Newcare V3 is the one bed you can have customised to your exact needs. Incorporating all the benefits of the other two models, the V3 takes it one step further to become one of the most feature-rich hospital beds on the market. We’ve upped the safe working load, and have re-modelled the siderails to be more robust and offer more accessibility below the bed so that hoists and other equipment can be used with ease. With heightened user-friendliness and aesthetics, the V3 has all you could ever need. Please note that paediatric sizes are also available.

As quality hospital bed manufacturers, we understand exactly what to include on our products to make life easier for patients and carers.

Interlude TechnoPlus

The TechnoPlus combines the benefits of all the other Interlude models with its column height adjustment to create a stunning, user-friendly hospital bed. IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against powerful jets of water, the TechnoPlus is prepared for any hospital or high dependency care environment.

The rectangular shape of the columns, along with the lower joint, prevents torsion that can damage the columns when the load is unequal. With a mattress platform height adjustment range of 42 – 82cm, the TechnoPlus can facilitate almost any user to the caregiver’s satisfaction. The TechnoPlus hospital bed can be specified to include an advanced built-in weigh scale system with digital display and controls integrated into the siderails. This forward-thinking technology also includes a bed exit alarm to alert nursing staff when a patient is getting up from the TechnoPlus.

Interlude HiTech

As the name suggests, the HiTech is a cutting-edge top-of-the-range quality hospital bed. Using similar column height adjustment mechanisms like the TechnoPlus, the HiTech features three columns to enable the electric lateral tilt function to be used to incline the mattress platform to the side by up to 30° in either direction. This helps massively with turning the patient and carrying out hygiene procedures. Like the TechnoPlus, the HiTech can be manufactured with an integrated advanced weigh scale facility.

Interlude NewCare V2 Training Video

Discover more information about how to use the Interlude NewCare V2 Hospital Bed by watching this training video. Subjects in the video include:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Brakes and Directional Lock – 00:45
  • Section 3: Handset and Nurse Control Functions – 01:08
  • Section 4: Metal Concertina Siderails – 02:15
  • Section 5: Removing Head and Footboards – 02:49
  • Section 6: Integral Length Adjustment – 03:08
  • Section 7: Manual Leg Raise Function – 03:36
  • Section 8: Manual CPR Function – 04:05

Interlude NewCare V3 Training Video

This training video goes through the features and functions of the Interlude NewCare V3 Hospital Bed, including:

  • Section 1: Introduction – 00:03
  • Section 2: Section 2: Central Braking, Directional Lock, and Brake Alarm – 00:22
  • Section 3: Handset Functions – 01:01
  • Section 4: Siderail Features – 02:57
  • Section 5: Removing Head and Footboards, and Extending the Bed – 03:47
  • Section 6: Removing the Mattress Platform for Cleaning – 04:21
  • Section 7: The CPR Function – 04:43
  • Section 8: Adding Attachments/Accessories – 05:07


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pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Hospital Equipment Brochure - Beds, Mattresses & Furniture 9MB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Interlude Newcare V3 User Manual 3MB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Interlude 500 Bariatric Bed 2MB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Interlude 500 User Guide 665KB Download


Interlude Newcare V3 Specifications

Total length with headboard and footboard222 cm ± 1 cm
Total width with rails101 cm ± 1 cm
Minimum/maximum bed base height (without mattress)40 / 80 cm ± 1 cm
Extremities section extensible length30 cm
Hoist passing clearance height17 mm
Bed base section length79 / 17 / 32 / 62 cm
Bed base section width83 cm
Wheels diameter15 cm
Backrest tilting angle70° ± 5°
Extremities and feet tilting angle45° / 18° ± 2°
Bed base sections double regression16.5 cm ± 1 cm
Trend / Reverse Trend position angles13° / 15° ± 2°
Maximum patient weight (MPW)205 kg
Safety weight load (SWL)265 kg
Bed unladen weight140 kg

Interlude TechnoPlus Specifications

Maximum outside length including siderails (A)220 cm ±1 cm
Maximum width including siderails (Down / Up) (B)95.5 cm / 97 cm
Minimum / maximum platform height (w/mattress) (C)42 / 82 cm
Total bed height (minimum / maximum) (D)85 / 125 cm
Integrated mattress platform extension (E)30 cm
Minimum / maximum height from floor to corner bumpers (F) (height of corner bumper: 6.5 cm)27 / 67 cm
Under bed clearance for mobile hoists (G)16.3 cm
Recommended mattress dimension (L)86 x 200 x 14 cm
Mattress platform individual length (H-I-J-K)79 - 17 - 32 - 62 cm
Backrest maximum tilt angle70° (±3°)
Legrest maximum tilt angle40° (±3°)
Double auto-regression (retraction)16.5 cm
Trendelenburg - Anti Trendelenburg position18° - 18° (±1°)
Maximum Patient Weight (MPW) / Safe Working Load (SWL)185 kg / 250 kg
Weight (without accessories)150 kg
Maximum Electrical Input3Ah max. / 230V 10% a.c. 50/60 Hz
Type of protection against electrical current / water and dust penetrationClass II Tipo B / IP66
Electrical motor operation mode10% max. 2 min / 18 min

Interlude HiTech Specifications

Maximum length220 cm
Maximum width97 cm
Height adjustment42 to 82 cm
Recommended mattress dimension86 x 200 x 14 cm
Backrest maximum angle70° (±3cm)
Legrest maximum angle40° (±3cm)
Double auto-regression16.5 cm
Lateral tilt/anti-tilt angle18°/18° (±1cm)
Maximum electrical input3Ah max./230V ±10% a.c. 50/60Hz
Type of protection against electrical current / water and dust penetrationClass II Type B/IP66
Electrical motor operation mode10% max. 2 min / 18 min