Integralift Hidden Hoist

Discover the inspiring story of how the Integralift hidden patient hoist system was born.

The Integralift hidden hoist is completely unique. This innovative system can be folded completely away into a cupboard, making it an incredibly subtle piece of patient handling equipment. The Integralift can come in a range of finishes to blend in perfectly with any existing décor or upholstery. It’s tasteful, uncluttered, and welcoming.

If fixed lifting equipment is required, the Integralift may be the ideal solution.

The Integralift is excellent in domestic settings. Whether it’s a private home or a hospice, this hoist blends into the environment seamlessly, matching with any existing décor and no trace of medical equipment in sight. With a variety of cabinet colours and styles, different handle types and different configurations, this overhead hoist can be tailored to suit any individual.

Integralift Willow Burn Hospice

Easy to Use

The Integralift folds out of a cupboard to become a bed hoist, transferring to chairs or commodes or vice versa. Simply open the cupboard and pull out the arm of the hoist to get it set up. The Integralift patient hoist has been designed to save caregivers’ time during transfers. The lifter and sling can be kept permanently in place in the cupboard making it an ideal piece of home care equipment, and the hoist itself never needs to be charged because it’s wired up to the mains supply. It’s honestly that easy.


This Integralift design was shortlisted for a Northern LABC Building Excellence Award

Full Integration

The Integralift can be made to fit other services like sockets, medical gases, vacuum systems, and nurse-call alarms for extra efficiency and enhanced aesthetics. It can be installed as a bedhead hoist unit, or it can be fitted with wardrobes, bedside cabinets, lockable drug storage compartments, patient lights, ward screens, and even foldable beds for the patient’s friends and relatives. Unlike overhead hoists, the Integralift does not interfere with ceiling mounted ward curtains.

Infection Control

The Integralift is exceedingly easy to clean. Rather than long lengths of overhead ceiling track which can be particularly tricky to clean ona typical patient lifting hoist, the Integralift can be wiped down with ease. The top of the hoist can also be sloped if necessary, giving extra access to any nooks and crannies. The cabinet itself can also be constructed from full thickness laminate for greater infection control.

Configuring your Integralift

1. Select your Positioning

Choose the left or right versions, depending on the layout of the room.

2. Choose your Mounting Option

Fix to block, brick, concrete, or timber with Floor to Ceiling Structure, Wall Mount Structure, Inside Wall Structure, (ideal for new builds as the entire post is hidden behind the wall), or Concrete Ceiling Structure options.

3. Select your Cabinet Design

Choose from hundreds of aesthetic configurations – change your cabinet colour or wood design, add an extra upright cupboard on the other side of the bed, or even make it into a bookshelf for use in a living room!

4. Choose your Options

Different light fittings can be integrated in the top cupboard. Our integrated service options include oxygen, lighting, laminate construction for infection control, and integrated drugs cabinets and wardrobes.

5 Reasons for a Hotel to Install an Integralift

  1. VisitEngland released statistics that showed overnight journeys made by, or accompanied by, an individual with a heath impairment or condition were worth just under £1 billion in a 6-month period. Around 20% of the average business’ customer base was made up of disabled people, who spent approximately £80 billion every year. The statistics also showed that disabled travellers made a conscious decision NOT to stay anywhere if there weren’t appropriate facilities.
  2. According to section 12.8.1 of BS8300:2009: “For new buildings, the minimum provision of accessible bedrooms as a percentage of the total number of bedrooms should be…5% with a fixed tracked-hoist system or similar system giving the same degree of convenience and safety.” The Integralift satisfies this requirement and ensures that hotel guests can remain as accessible as possible without detracting from the appearance of the hotel room.
  3. Hotels and guesthouses that are equipped with patient lifting equipment are much more likely to be frequently visited by people with disabilities. These establishments find great benefits in increased customer loyalty, simply by installing a hoist system. Organisations like exist to source and promote disability-friendly hotels to a wide client group of disabled individuals.
  4. The low maintenance design of the Integralift makes it ideal for hotels. The hoist is always charging wit ha battery back-up for peace of mind. All equipment and the sling can be stored in the cabinet for easy access.
  5. The Integralift can easily be installed in an existing hotel room with no hassle. Innova can supply, install, and specify each Integralift unit in accordance with regulations and the hotel’s requirements.

We’ve worked with hotels in the past to create accessible, relaxing environments for disabled guests and their families. The Integralift is perfect for design briefs where the overall aesthetics of the room cannot be compromised by bulky, mechanical mobility equipment.

In need of some extra information on the Integralift?

Visit our page on the RIBA Product Selector website where you can find out more about our Integralift and how it works.

Integralift Hoist Training Video

Need to refresh yourself on how to use the Integralift hoist? Watch this training video to find out more on the following subjects:

  • Section 1: Introduction and How to Use the Integralift Hoist – 00:08
  • Section 2: Using the Emergency Stop – 01:40
  • Section 3: Using the Emergency Lowering Function – 02:03
  • Section 4: Charging the Integralift Hoist – 02:21


Type Description Size Download Download Icon
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Integralift Brochure 875KB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Integralift User Manual 1MB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Integralift Planning Guide 1MB Download
pdf Portable Document Format (PDF) Integralift Installation Manual 2MB Download
zip Zipped Folder (zip) DWG Drawing - Integralift 206KB Download
zip Zipped Folder (zip) BIM Component - Integralift Hoist System 5MB Download


Maximum load230 kg
Battery24 V DC, 4,5 Ah, sealed lead battery, 40 lifts
Battery charger100-240 V AC, 40-60 Hz, max 1.3 A
Lifting speed5 cm/sec
Lifting interval1.8 m (vertically adjustable)
Diameter of action3m
Soft start and soft stopYes
Emergency stopElectrical
Emergency loweringElectrical and mechanical
Protection classIP 20 (IP43 with accessories)
Weight95 kg Int. op