Interlude 500 Bariatric Bed

Caring for bariatric patients often requires the help of additional staff to ensure care tasks are completed but without appropriate equipment, this can place caregivers and patients at increased risk of injury. This is why the Interlude 500 bed can be lowered to just 21cm from the ground – enabling a much more comforting experience when transferring a patient.

Subtle & Stylish

The Interlude 500 Bariatric Bed has an extra low patient positioning (patient surface height is 21cm) which significantly reduces the risk of injuries in case of falling out of the bed, especially during the night. The bed features a safe working load of 500kg, with the patient limit of up to 460kg, with the each part of the bed also being tested for weight limits (the bed is divided into 3 sections)

The bed can be easily expanded in width and can accommodate mattresses of 89cm, 97cm, 105cm and 120cm. With its ultra-quiet DC motor this bed helps to maintain a calm and relaxed environment. The Interlude 500 also has an emergency battery for temporary autonomy, 2 pairs of half-length composite side-rails which are easy to operate and maintain with quick connect components.

Bespoke & Versatile

With its 125mm anti-static double wheels casters, the Interlude 500 bariatric bed is easy to manoeuvre around busy ward corridors and with a central brake, it can be operated by one pedal at the foot of the bed.

The foot pedals have a green and red indicators to ensure the operator knows when the brake is activated.

Ultra Safe

With the demand in busy wards as they are, the Interlude 500 has been built with convenient and ease of operation in mind with a lightweight head and footboard which can easily be removed, the frame is powder coated steel which is antimicrobial and easy to clean. It comes with patient remote control with auto-contour, patient control integrated into the bed side-rails with auto-contour, an underbed light and nurse call.

The Interlude 500 also has an easy to use nurse control integrated in the footboard, bed functions lock-out from the nurse control at the footboard, one-touch Trendelenburg adjustment and many other features which make this bed the ultimate in bariatric care.

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