Modular Changing Places

Not every building or venue has the ability to fit a Changing Place into their existing structure – that’s why we offer the option for a modular Changing Places facility!

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Creating Accessible Spaces

Modular Changing Places are mobile units that can be situated wherever needed to provide good facilities for disabled users.

A bit bigger than a Portakabin, our mobile units can be adapted to suit an existing space or be installed as a new modular facility, in order to provide the required space and specialist equipment to register as a Changing Places toilet.

In a matter of days, it can be delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit, helping minimise disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control.

Each modular facility provides 12sqm of internal floor space and a minimum internal ceiling height of 2.4m. We also provide a wide range of internal colours and finishes to match your existing buildings and environment.

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Modular Changing Places

Business Case for Investment


According to Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK), outdoor public spaces (including parks and beaches), tourist attractions and transport networks are amongst the top three locations where there is a demand for Changing Places facilities.

To meet this need, modular Changing Places offer an easy solution for existing buildings that either can’t accommodate a Changing Place, or an area that needs an outside accessible toilet.

Minimal Disruption – Taking only a matter of days, can be delivered and positioned on-site as a complete unit, helping to reduce the length of building work.

Purple Pound – The spending power of disabled people and their families in the UK is worth £274 billion. By not including a Changing Place facility, organisations are missing out on the business of disabled consumers due to poor accessibility (both physical and digital).

Future Proof – If you ever need to relocate, our modular Changing Places facility can travel with you! As a complete unit, the modular Changing Place can be craned on to the back of a lorry and placed into a position of your choice.

Legal Requirements – Changing Places toilets are legally required in all new public buildings projects (with a capacity of 350 or more people).

Planning Permission – Where it isn’t possible to modify a Listed building to incorporate a Changing Place toilet, a modular unit outside of the building delivers a simple solution.

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