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Providing specialist sourcing, procurement, storage, fulfilment and distribution to the NHS & Private Hospitals. We are an agile partner focused on providing custom made solutions for the NHS & private medical supply chains improving flexibility while offering improved control and cost efficiency.

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As the healthcare market continues to evolve and adapt to new regulations and controls, as well as the many challenges brought about by Covid-19, it is becoming more and more difficult for NHS & private hospitals to identify opportunities for cost reductions or savings, as well as sourcing the right equipment, not to mention having this in the right location, when you need it most. This where Innova Care Concepts can make all the difference.

Innova Care Concepts has been well established in the healthcare market since 2008, designing and installing specialist medical equipment across the sector. With the buying power of Innova, we can help you source and purchase specialist equipment, combined with the know-how of carefully handling high value medical items, underpinned with time critical collection and/or redeployment of them. With Innova you can also access the other services on offer from deep storage to redistribution of unwanted or unused equipment which could be taking up valuable space – everything you need all in one place – fully tracked by our Asset Track Portal for the ultimate in visibility and transparency.

/ Key Services

  • Decommissioning & Redistribution

    Decommissioning, moving medical equipment from one location to another is a vital service. Redistribution is a key component of any operation, as it ensures that the right items are at the right place at the right time. Using our Asset Track Portal all processes for collecting and re-distributing items are fully tracked from site to depot with items redeployed across other hospitals where there is a higher demand than others.

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  • Sourcing & Procurement

    Strategic sourcing aligned with an open book procurement approach offers many significant benefits from cost reduction to improved inventory management to reduction and streamlining contract administration. When you combine and coordinate through one supplier that can give you a ‘one stop shop’ service, you can maximise your economies of scale.

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  • Storage

    Our medical storage facility has the capability to take care of all your storage requirements. Simply let us know what equipment you want put into storage, and we will collect the equipment within an agreed time frame. Prior to going into storage, all equipment is pre-inspected and given an asset number, with all details recorded on the Asset Track Portal.

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The NHS Redistribution Portal is delivering full value for all the additional equipment sourced during the pandemic, ensuring it is reused, redeployed, and recycled in some way. Register today to access the system.

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