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'Latest Hospital Innovations in Bed Washing System & Hoisting'.

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The Latest Innovations Within Hospitals: Bed Washing System & Hoisting

Free CPD, Wednesday 1 December 2021, 12:30pm-1:30pm

UK hospitals could save thousands of lives and millions of pounds by automating their bed washing processes with the Bed Washing System. Unlike other automated bed washing tunnels, our bed washing systems doesn’t use chemicals. Instead, the innovative system, brought to you in partnership with Weber Hospital Systems, uses precision robots and high-temperature steam to provide a consistent and controlled quality of thermal disinfection. It is the only system on the market that can clean and disinfect IPX4 (non-washable) beds. Beds can be washed, dried, and ready for patient use in 6 minutes – no manual cleaning required.

No one working in a hospital should need to lift a patient any more. Hoists, slings and other moving and handling aids remove the need for manual lifting.  Each year the number of working days lost due to back problems is increasing. Between 1987 and 1988 – 46.5 million working days were lost with spinal/back problems. Despite new lifting regulations the latest figures show an increase to 50.1 million. Client moving and handling may continue as long as it does not involve lifting most or all of the client’s weight and knowing when the right equipment is required does depend on the different hospital environment you are in. Coming soon – launch of curtain hopper and dual hoist.

If you are unable to attend this date – there are additional dates available of Wednesday 8th December 1230pm-130pm & Wednesday 15th December 1230pm-130pm, please email us at marketing@innova.uk.com to let us know if these dates are of interest to you.


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Overview of the CPD

This CPD looks at the latest innovations in cleaning and decontamination in infection control and the different types of patient handling within a hospital environment. Now that cleaning and decontamination are recognised as integral to infection control, it is timely to consider a new way of cleaning of vital hospital equipment of IPX4 beds (non-washable) which are the main stock of hospital beds within the UK. Cleaning practices vary widely within healthcare districts, and it is likely that both time and energy are needlessly wasted with ill-defined duties. Furthermore, inadequate cleaning will not reduce the risk of infection but may even enhance it.

This CPD will also take you through all the moving and handling considerations you need to evaluate when moving a patient and the relevant equipment that will be needed to ensure maximum safety at all times, to you and the patient in your care.

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