STEPS Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy Pool Project

Our bespoke stainless-steel hydrotherapy pools are almost too good to believe – which is precisely why we visited this installation at STEPS Rehabilitation Centre in Sheffield. We were able to include everything the client needed to ensure that they could deliver the absolute top level of care with minimal manufacturing, installation, and maintenance costs.

The one-piece pool structure was craned into place right at the beginning of the project. We then returned when the building was practically completed to plumb in the pool and set everything up. This is by far one of the easiest ways to install a hydrotherapy pool and takes minimal time. The stainless-steel surface isn’t just for good looks, it’s also great for maintaining good levels of infection control, which is yet another bonus for multi-user care environments.

Innova’s hydrotherapy pools can include a multitude of additional features and fixings to completely customise them to each and every setting. This video shows you one of our most popular fixings – colour-changing lights. The calm, soothing appearance of this pool truly does enhance a sense of well-being and good health, which is integral to rehabilitation.

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