The Story of the Integralift: A Revolutionary Patient Lifting Hoist

The Integralift is a patented hidden hoist system that is exclusive to Innova. Maintaining a homely décor has become more and more prominent in healthcare lately – particularly in care homes, hospices, or dementia-friendly units. Having a calming, less-clinical atmosphere has shown to improve patient mood and mentality, as well as allowing residential facilities to appear less intimidating with mechanical-looking apparatus. This is a particularly difficult challenge when you take ceiling hoist tracking into account.

This is why the Integralift is a game-changer. This hidden hoist provides incredible accessibility without making the room look at all clinical. The Integralift simply folds away into a cupboard or bedhead unit when it’s not needed to promote a comfortable, tidy appearance. It’s also great for maintaining good levels of infection control, and it can provide extra storage spaces for other items like coats or even oxygen cylinders. And it was dreamt up whilst having a beer. Check out the full story of our Integralift hidden hoist system in this video.