The Somlent Serene Hybrid Mattress

Want to see the world’s first 3 in 1 alternating hybrid mattress? Here it is – the Somlent Serene. Combining air and foam technology, we’ve created a surface that can handle a wide degree of pressure care with very little hassle. It eradicates unnecessary transfers by offering both static and alternating functions, and it can be cleaned with ease on the ward just like a standard foam mattress. The Somlent Serene simplifies pressure care processes to ensure that the healthcare professional can focus on providing the best care for the patient.

Each air cell contains a castellated foam core that provides extra comfort and dispels the vibrations usually associated with air mattresses. This also allows air to flow with ease from cell to cell to contour perfectly to the patient’s body, offering extra comfort and pressure redistribution. These air cells are all contained in a foam U-core that keeps the mattress from riding up, which can cause discomfort and skin shearing.

Watch this video to find out how the Somlent Serene could simplify care processes whilst providing excellent pressure care and comfort.